Mopho Desktop Panel

A GUI for the Mopho Desktop

Ctrlr minimum version : 5.3.82


-update15/06/15:Possible to get any program (memory) from device : push “prg”
-update02/06/15: EDIT: it seems that the grrr vst0 issue …solved for dump only
Get & Send Edit Buffer done Should work as espected now(thanks to Atom’s ctrlr ultils)
note: if you send a patch to the mopho ,be sure you have a prog name on the panel, if not ,then write one before send patch AND don’t forget to do “saveCtrlr state” to keep the prog there next time the panel will be openened (for standalone). for vst the prog name is saved with the DAW preset file .
need to clean drag methods now and add some buttons to init and random sequencers
-update02/06/15:improved drag method for customcomps (not finished but working for most useful components)
“get edit buffer” is done (but not getting the prog name currently ,it’s few i will do )
please tell me if it works, then i could try to correct
prog name re – corrected ,the first was good
-update08/04/15:LookAndFeel() for all knobs(except lfo speed),different mouse sensitivities are set.
-update07/04/15:various,LookAndFeel() only for filter knobs.
-update23/03/15:prog name fixed(nb nrpn wrong)
-update22/03/15: GUI script rebuilt (25%less),removed all combos excepted modulations,possible to write a prog name (if you’re in standalone do “save ctrlr state”or if you’re in a daw save the daw preset to keep the name at startup),graphics finished
-update06/01/15: fixed lfo freq drag method
-update05/01/15: improved methods
-update05/01/15: fixes, script stuff , doubleclick enabled(default value) for bi-polar modulators
-update04/01/15: updated graphics
-update02/01/15: updated graphics, now panel displays bank and prog number of Ctrlr
-update02/01/15: click for Key Assign Mode and Glide Mode done, ported background
method to canvas and removed a layer
-update01/01/15: various updates,click for Key Assign Mode and Glide Mode not done
-update30/12/14: improved drag method : less midi messages and painting
-update28/12/14: updated graphics ,started to compact scripts
-update26/12/14: lfo shapes max values fixed,envelope(seq mode) drag fixed,updated graphics
-update25/12/14: envelope controls in seq mode done , various updates
-update24/12/14: knob effects done ,combo&button slight emboss ,started to “move” visibleNames need to finish and compact the script using existing visibleNames
-update23/12/14: max values set at startup

10 thoughts on “Mopho Desktop Panel”

  1. Hi Zeoka – just playing with your Panel with my Mopho. I had to tinker underneath the global panel settings to configure MIDI ports however I have it working well now. For your info, the problem of Initial Level and OSC1 Frequency being ‘linked’ when adjusted is also happening on my OSX system. I had the same problem with the MKS80 Panel I had made after updating to a more recent CTRLR build which I fixed by making the VST Index settings again for the two effected parameters. I will try to fix this problem on your panel and see if it solves matters.

  2. thank you Jasefos for your interest , I’ve done a “small” update. I’ve tried the tip for mods linked but when I set again 32 the problem backs

    I’ve a question also . are nrpn’s midi channelized? if yes I need to script

    I do not have this device yet so if you see anything wrong please tell me

  3. Thanks so much for developping! I love the device!

    having just some troubles with it, I’ve setted everything up, working fine, but as I’m ableton user I had to disable my audiocard midi ports, but the problem now is that all the other midi controller are going crazy, any suggestion?

  4. Hi Karruba
    I don’t use Ableton but the only thing i know : basically you must have midi ports ONLY for Ctrlr even if your ports are multiclients .that means you must use another ports for ableton and midi controllers

  5. Interesting issue Zeoka – Whenever I send a Snapshot to the Mopho using your Panel it overwrites the Global setting on the Mopho called “MIDI Control: On/Off” – after sending a Snapshot it changes to “Off” (which means that successive parameter tweaks from your Panel are ignored until I manually changing the setting back on the synth (not a show stopper – just a little inconvenient). Wondering if you could fix this in a little update.
    P.S. your panel is the best out there for Mopho!

  6. Hi! guys, I’m using an old version, with ctrlr 5.4.27 I have an error when I move knobs on mopho he say Lau Error – Callback Disabled, anyone is experiencing it? I want really use the newer one any idea, I did something wrong maybe?

  7. Hi,
    Nice work zeoka !
    I want add some features for your panel but I have just a start weird problem : In edit mode, I can’t select modulators into tabs… so for edit I have to go in the modulator list… I can’t figure out what I missing…
    Thanks for your help,

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