POWER’08 V.3 – Editor for DSI Prophet’08

Editor for DSI Prophet’08. Use sysex. Created to ease sound designing and get the most power of your Prophet’08 :

– All functions implemented (included sequencer)

– Always see both layer A + B

– Receive/Write patches and banks from/to Prophet’08

– Load/Save patches and banks from/to disk (.syx file)


New in V.2 :

– GUI improvement (more compact interface)

– Disk and Synth Patch browser added for easiest patch navigation (double click patch to load ; receive patch from P8 only if you need it)

– Global parameters improvement (data dump added with “get” button)

– Lot of bugs fixed (big code rewritting)

– LFOs handling improvement (link between unsynced and synced freq modulators)


New in V.3 :

– Full bidirectionnal panel ;

– Graphs for Amp and Env3 ;

– Reset or copy layers.




Download 665.2 KB – POWER08 V.3


By downloading this file you agree with the following terms and conditions : All rights on the software are reserved to the copyright holders and are subject to change anytime without prior notice. The software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY ; the entire risk as to the quality and performance of the software is with you. Should the software prove defective you assume the cost of all necessary servicing, repair or correction. In no event unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing will any copyright holder be liable to you for damages, including any general, special, incidential or consequential damage arising out the use or inability to use the software (included but not limited to loss of data or data being rendered inaccurate or losses sustained by you or third parties. or a failure of the software to operate with any other programs. Swiss law and Swiss courts juridiction (civil court of Lausanne, Switzerland) are applicable to any dispute and trial concerning the software.


53 thoughts on “POWER’08 V.3 – Editor for DSI Prophet’08”

  1. this is the best thing i´ve seen with ctrlr, it works so nice, i really thank you a lot for that nice panel! way better that any max4live device or sound tower vst! great work!

  2. I’ve taken some code of your save/load procedures. I would have been totally lost without the insight from your great work. Thanks a lot. Prophet08 users must be happy people.

  3. Thanks a lot for your comments! I’ve just uploaded a new version with small improvements.
    Btw I can run it as vst with Bitwig and use automation or modulation tools like LFO, the result is amazing! Thanks Atom for your work!

  4. Hi Carl, I’d also like to thank you for your great work. Re-used your documentation concept in my Sub37 panel (that I stopped working on due to announcement of an editor by Moog and mainly by the obligation to search and figure out all sysex due to no publication of any documentation) but also re-using some of your coding in a new DSI Pro2 panel I’m currently building. Many thx!

    • Thank you Goodweather! I try to comment my code as much as possible to help others build new panels. I’m waiting to see yours, they seems to have great interface!

  5. The most important is your midi connections : first check your midi connections in ctrlr (midi input and output, sometimes it doesn’t match with naming of devices.. check your computer midi configuration too).

    Then click on “Get” button under GLOBAL area of POWER08 panel. if you see “?” in “receive” and “send” boxes, then you have to check your global parameters directly on your synth : –> Global –> + or – to navigate –> and verify that these parameters are correctly setup :

    – MParam Send:NRPN
    – M Param Rec: All
    – MIDI Control : On
    – MIDI SysEx: On

    Then you can hit “Get” again and you will see the update in “receive” and “send” boxes.

    Hope this helps!

    • Hi Carl!

      Thnx for creating this usefull tool! I’ve set everything up with midi. But the “?” are still there. Maybe it has anything to do with the firmware version?
      When I drag a fader on the CTRLR it works, and i see the prophets screen selecting that parameter and stuf.. when i turn a knob on the prophet i don’t see anything moving.
      I can’t click on get, or.. just nothing happens. I tried recieving, and that doens’t work either. I did try the same thing with an older version of CTRLR and it did recieve, but it stuck at the 127th patch, and then nothing happend. when i manually dumped the banks from the prophet, the macbook did recieve it, but when it was finished, it started again from the 26th patch or so, verrrryy slow.

      When i turn a knob at my prophet, should I be able to see something moving in the ctrlr as well? or..

      can you please help!?

      THnx in advance

      • Hi rienkspeelman!

        This looks like a midi overload (dump requests sended too quickly to P8). It should not happen with last version of CTRLR and P8 editor. Wich versions are you using?
        At this time Power08 isn’t fully bidirectionnal, so it’s normal that nothing happens when you turn a knob on your P8. I will try to implement it in a future update.

      • Hi Carl,
        Thanks for your great work…..
        I’m having a similar problem as Rienkspeelman….Global settings are correct. It is send and receiving data to/from the Prophet as I can see sliders move when I change something on the keyboard, and the display shows when I move a slider or pot on the program. Unfortunately I have ?’s in the send/receive boxes still. It won’t transfer patches from the Prophet 8 into the computer. I’m using a new Roland UM-One interface. It seems to be working fine, but I can’t get any patches from the P8 into the computer….appreciate any suggestions.

  6. Thank you Carl! You are the man.
    Rolling back to firmware 2.3 (voice 1.5) helped get rid of the ? for me
    Im a bit of a noob, how do you receive an individual patch from the 08?

    • Thanks 😉
      To receive an individual patch from P8 you have to go in the synth tab of the browser, then click “receive”. After receiving all the patch names, just double click on the patch you want to load.

  7. Awesome, thanks!
    One other question, is it possible for the browser to remember the default root folder I select? It keeps going back to the root of the system drive

    • Yes the root folder selected should remain the same after loading or saving a patch. But if you close CTRLR and reopen it, you have to select the desired root folder again. I didn’t found a solution for this so far…

  8. Hi Carl,
    Thank you again.
    I tested the v3 and it works well.
    I have a question: when I edit a patch with your editor, is it possible to save it within the editor or do I have to save it directly on the prophet 08 as I do now?

    • Of course you can save your patch directly to your computer disk. Just click on “save patch” in the “disk” tab of the browser. Or are you looking for something else?

  9. Ok, thank you.
    I didn’t see the “save patch” button that is on the “disk” tab.
    I was always focusing on the “Synth” tab to receive the bank from the p8, and then double clicking on a patch to edit it.
    I forgot the “disk” tab.

    • Ok great 🙂 I think it’s much faster to work on the computer disk after recovering all your patches from the P8 (browsing from synth tab to disk tab).

  10. Thanks for your work. I have had some success, but imperfect. Wondering if perhaps my settings? If I make changes to a patch & save it to a file, then load from that file it says it is incorrect file format. Any suggestions?

  11. When I try saving a single patch to a file using ‘save patch’ button, then load it using the ‘load’ button on the synth pane, I get ‘incompatible data format’; editor failed to open file. Any ideas?

  12. hi, first: thanks a lot for the great work! but i have some serious problems – i´m using the panel as plugin in my daw (ableton live). when i use the knobs on the prophet, everything works fine, but it doesn´t work the other way round (when i use knobs or faders on the panel nothing happens). i´m pretty sure that i did set all the midi settings right (i did it exactly like you described above), but the “get ” button does not react on my clicks and so i also cn´t load the patches into the panel. any ideas about that? help would be really appreciated! thanks… män-tse

  13. hi,
    thanks for sharing this great software, ihave some trouble, I have a macbook pro 10.7.5 (yes I know it´s old) i have updated the firmware of the prophet like you said, checked all the midi settings in ctrlr and computer and pushed GET a lot of times, still have the ?, i´ve tried it in ableton and bitwig but would really like to use it in bitwig, if you could help, you would be my hero! 🙂

  14. Hi Carl,
    I join to the other users and on behalf of all DSI Prophet 08 users I want to express our full gratefulness to you. I really wonder why DSI dont matter delivering such an editor. (Just as a side note, I Never managed to make SoundTowers’s paying version work proprely).

    After some Midi Glitches I managed to get the program fully operational, especially the bidirectional feature. I’m so glad. Everything seems to work just fine, except one small thing that is really annoying and puzzling to me though : Program Changes.

    I received all patches successfully. They are listed in the synth browser listbox.
    But It seems like all I can change through the browser when I double click any patch, is the BANK, not the program. Whatever patch I seem to double click on, it has no effect (no patch is loaded on the interface nor on the Synth). Except for Patches 1 & 2 for both banks, which result in changing the bank of the active program on the synth (for example if its program 50 bank 1, i will switch to program 50 bank 2), and actually loading its parameter on the interface.

    Long Story short : I can change programs only from the synth.

    Any suggestion would be very welcomed.

    Thanks again for the marvelous work, And also for being so active on this board 🙂

  15. Hi, great work! My P08 seems to communicate well with the panel. “Get” function works and moving a slider on the panel results in the correct parameter change on my P08. The only problem I have is that on whatever patch I double click it always loads the first patch of the current bank.
    There seems to be something odd on the browser window and maybe it helps solving this issue: The first patch has no space before the bracket with the patch number. All follwing patches do have a space before the bracket. It looks like this:
    [001] Wagnerian
    [002] Tom Sawyer
    [003] T8 Strings
    [004] Epic Brass
    Maybe the space before/after the bracket causes the problem?
    Cheers, Oliver

  16. Ups after submitting my comment the space before [002] etc. has been eliminated by WordPress. Anyway. Just imagine [001] sits directly at the border of the browser window. While all further numbers do have a space between the border of the browser window and the bracket. Something like this: |[001] and then | [002] etc.

  17. Hello, This was not working with the Beta OS 2.6 Voice 1.6, however downgrading to the OS2.3 and Voice 1.5, is working great!

    One question, I am trying to automate the program change parameter. Is this possible..?

  18. Hi there,

    I don’t know if anyone will read this, but could someone help me out please.

    The only problem I have is that when I want to receive the presets on my Prophet to the Panel it gets stuck at 127.

    I have the latest firmware / OS and use panel v3.
    The midi usb im using is the M-Audio Uno (mac OS).

    Is there anything I can do to make this work?


    • Same “preset” issue here in both WinXP sp3 (Ctrlr-5.3.122) and W764 (Ctrlr-5.4.27) platforms,
      although in W7 I was able to receive and load them for a while.

      I also have the latest firmware/OS and panel v3 and I already checked the Prophet config above mentioned in Global settings.

      Either way my prophet does not react to the changes in the panel, which is my biggest concern.
      MIDI Out config should be OK, since it worked well with the TX81z panel.

      Did you do anything else to make this work? I’ve been trying to fix it all day with no luck.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  19. A few issues myself – getting stuck at patch 127, like others. I have been able to get it to receive OK very rarely, though I don’t really know how / what I did differently – likely nothing actively. I put a youtube video of the issue up here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1kt06Awxw8

    In standalone, non-vst mode, I got a lot of ????? characters in the patch names, and they also failed to load.

    I tried the latest version of ctrlr as of today, as well as a version that I knew was successful for some folks (summer 2016), without any difference. I have a lot of thru options set because I am using the keyboard to control other soft synths, but the issue will happen even in a basic setup.

    Midi has been rock solid otherwise, on a steinberg UR-242.

    At one point, I screwed stuff up so badly with patch load via ctrlr (from sysex on disk, known good sysex files) that I had to global reset my p 08 (hold global, hit LFO3 button). Even loading them from another program that always works failed.

    P 08 software is main 2.3, voice 1.5. Patch banks are default.

    I do hope the video helps. And thank you for all of the work on Power 08. This was not easy to do, and it means a lot to folks with this gear, trying to manage patches nicely.

  20. OK so after looking at lua console output, what seems to happen is there are program dump requests issued, and when it’s in its failure mode, it’s failure has something to do with it doubling up the program requests. You will see the same patch names in the console log twice.

    What seems to work for me (if anyone wants to confirm) is going to midi menu, setting the Controller device to None, and then setting it back to the appropriate device.

    Same behavior as VST or standalone, and without regard to whatever midi pass through options i have set. I can’t say why this works, but there’s either a setting on the synth that should be set that isn’t, or something the software could do to detect this condition and prevent it.

    • Hi all, sorry for the delay. I’m not in my country until april. So it’s difficult for me to debug something until then. But I think you found the problem. If the P8 receive to much midi requests, it will stop sending patches. That’s why I had to use a timer, to be sure that there is a sufficient delay between each requests. So depending on your midi configuration, if the request messages are sent twice, it will lead to a midi overload for the P8. I discover this problem long time ago, and it seems to be a CTRL bug. I must admit that I am a little bit sad to see that CTRL is not developped and debuged for Mac for a long time now. I’m thinking of developping my own standalone plugins directly with juce to have something more stable and lighter. It will take me time before I understand how to achieve it. Anyway thank you all for your comments!

  21. Thanks for the reply Carl.
    And thank you deathbots. You method works for me too.

    @Carl Licroy, the Main 2.6 and Voice 1.6 Beta OS of the Prophet 08 has an useful function, Arp relatch mode.
    But unfortunately this OS is not supported with the Ctrl / Prophet Panel.

    Would be awesome if u could make a standalone version 🙂
    Thanks for your great work.

  22. I feel foolish asking this question about setups, but I’m going to anyway, because I wasn’t able to figure it out. I have a focus-rite sapphire pro plugged into a MAC Pro 1,1 via FireWire for audio in and out. A midi controller keyboard is plugged into the P8 desktop module with a midi cable, and also a USB midi cable to the mac for VST control in the DAW. What needs to change in order for CTRLR and this panel to talk to the P8, without losing the ability to play it with my keyboard?

  23. I think I may have solved this issue. I’m waiting for the midi to USB cables to be delivered. Seeing that I have a plethora of USB ports available, I believe each piece of gear that receives and sends midi can have it’s own port instead of getting data from “thru”.

  24. Hi guys!

    When i move the controls in my the prophet 08, same control is moving in the panel, but when a i do the same process through the panel the synth no responds…
    I did a bunch of tests: checked if Prophet receive & send midi & and i test my virus b with his panel who is wired by the prophet midi thru and everything is fine!

    Someone can help me?

  25. I would like to second the request asking for help on converting this panel to the Prophet REV 2 … the voice architecture is nearly identical…it’s shouldn’t take that much effort but I literally 1.) just found Ctrlr, and 2.) have no idea where to start to collect info about the Sysex Patch format, etc. Luckily the NRPN’s for patch control are listed in the REV 2 manual but I don’t know how to build value ranges, limited value groups (osc wave type for example), etc. If someone could just help me get started I’d be happy to do the rest of the work.

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