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  1. Hi Atom,

    I have downloaded your Juno panel to see how you get the editing to work in both directions. The scripting is minimal, so does the SysEx control the editing updates both ways, or is this scripted?

    I wish to learn scripting to apply to a panel that is in progress, there are some functions that would be nice additions for it. Sorry about the lengthy question. Cheers.

    • No scripting, Ctrlr deals with handling data both ways. You can add scripts to handle program dumps, but there is no need for any scripts to get the basic MIDI I/O.

  2. Awesome atom!

    Have you heard of CopperLan/ CopperPlug? I’m using it for total control of midi hardware routing, but the possibilities it can bring to hardware control are mind boggling.

    I’m currently using CopperPlug to wrap all my VST64 plugs so they can be controlled from anywhere on a network with 16bit precision ๐Ÿ™‚

    What were waiting for now, is for a C++ developer to write a sysex app with their Freeware SDK…and then, same deal control the hardware from anywhere on a network with 14bit precision…hardware dependent of course. Case in point MKS-70, that I see your also following the development of the new e-proms ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Hi Atom

    Iยดm trying to get the elephant to work, but no. Tried in Reaper. I know this, Juno 106 is sending sysex as I move faders and sliders, Reaper indicates and records all. Somehow I cant get the prog to play it back to the synth by itself.
    With Ctrlr I get this far: when I switch or reload a patch on the Juno, then touch something (on the juno), the panel indicates a movement but stops right thereafter. Meaning I get no 1:1 fader movement, let alone that the synth responds to panel edits. So Juno clearly talks to ctrlr, but only very briefly and only after a freshly loaded patch, one time then nothing.
    Back slider in position 3.
    When I monitor the fader messages in MIDI OX, the synth seems to transmit smooth movements.
    I tried every possible midi settings, deactivated the midi device in host and a ton of other stuff…either I miss something or the synth is just bogous. But it had a major overhowl recently, and the service guy told me everything should be mint.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts, cheers!

  4. It seems the problem is the cheap usb to midi cable not having good sysex abilities. So problem (half) solved. Chorus and osc octave still not reacting, which they do under Juno-106 Librarian, a java based thingy. Thanks anyway : )

  5. Hi Atom,
    thanks for your great ctrlr tool and all the panels. It is really useful especially for Live users with external hardware.
    I just have tried to get the Juno 106 panel working with Live9.6/W10-64, but only with partial success. The sliders are working (except the HPF), but all Osc octave and Env switches are not reacting, Chorus neither and HPF is showing strange beahaviors, interferring with the switches. Is there a hint how I can get this to work or is there an update planned?
    Thanks in advance for any hint, Best Greetings!

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