Hughes & Kettner Remote

An editor for Hughes & Kettner guitar amplifiers (GrandMeister 36, GrandMeister Deluxe 40 and Black Spirit 200 Head and Combo).

Download Windows Application (1.0) – Downloads: 5,439

Download Mac Application (1.0.1) – Downloads: 2,374

Note : A MIDI/USB interface is needed to connect the amp to your computer. M-Audio Uno interface or equivalent is recommended.

This application is designed to be a desktop alternative to the official ipad remote application for Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister 36, GrandMeister Deluxe 40 and Black Spirit 200 guitar amplifiers.
It is an upgrade from the previous version with added support for Black Spirit 200 (head and combo) amplifiers.

Once started the Editor will try to connect to the Amp (don’t forget to setup the “Input” / “Device” and “Output” / “Device” in the “Midi” menu). Once connected it will synchronize with the Amp by downloading its configuration.

There is a “Library” / “Amp” toggle button in the “Preset” section allowing you to switch between editing the current Amp preset or the current Library preset. When in “Library” mode, the presets stored in the amp are not modified, unless you use the “Store” or “Store As” buttons.

The “Compare” section allows you to visualize and ear the differences between the current preset before and after your modifications. When flipping the toggle button, any modified command will turn orange and switch between the original and modified value. If you want to cancel your changes, simply hit the “Restore Orig.” button.

For GrandMeister amplifiers, in the “Settings” screen, you can use the “Power Soak” toggle to switch between “Global” (Power Soak value is kept the same on every preset) or “Preset” (each preset has it’s own Power Soak value) mode. The “Global” setting is only supported in “Library” mode.

The application is capable of loading files generated with H&K’s iPad application. Simply select a .gm36memory, .gm40memory or .bsmemory file from the “Load” screen, it will automatically be converted and saved in a .gm36, .gm40 or .bs200 file. You can also export your libraries into iPad compatible files with the “Save for iPad” button. Support for reading files exported from the Android application is also available (only for Grandmeisters).

The Library Editor screen allows you to rearrange presets within your library files. Use shift + arrow keys to select multiple presets ; move presets using the dedicated up and down buttons ; and copy/paste patches using ctrl + c / ctrl + v shortcuts. Once you’re done, go back to the main screen and save your library or send it to the amp. You can also open an external file and use it’s content as a source for copy/paste operations.

Download Windows Application (1.0) – Downloads: 5,439

Download Mac Application (1.0.1) – Downloads: 2,374

Library Editor screen :
Library Editor Screen

Known issues :

  • Editor will not restore properly in GrandMeister mode putting the application in an instable state. The workaround is to start the application without connecting it to the amp, go to settings page to switch to BS200 mode and click OK, and then connect the amp (which will cause the app to properly switch to the appropriate mode).
  • “Save for iPad” will only work for Grandmeister 36 ipad app
  • Loading a Grandmeister library file when in Black Spirit 200 mode will generate errors