MFB Tanzbär 2

This is an editor I made in Ctrlr for the MFB Tanzbär 2 drum machine, it can control all MIDI CC assigned parameters.
It sends and receives MIDI CC, so you can move the knobs on the Tanzbär 2 and see the changes on the editor.

You have to set the Tanzbär 2 to Manual Mode (in Step Mode will not work correctly as the settings are reset to the actual step values).

The synth works on MIDI Channel 1 (this can not be changed).

For the drum part you have to set the MIDI channel from the MIDI menu (by default it is on MIDI Channel 10).

If you find the editor useful please consider to make a small PayPal donation to:

Enjoy it!

Download link:

Many thanks to Dominique (Sunny Synths) for the help.