Six ideal reasons for choosing custom cosmetic boxes

custom cosmetic boxes

Cosmetics are products that many women around the world always buy. In addition, there are various kinds of cosmetic brands available nowadays. Therefore, there is a lot of competition seen between custom cosmetics boxes companies. 

The main reason for this is that every company wants to stand out in this race competition. Therefore, these companies try to make attractive and unique custom cosmetics boxes in the USA, providing specific benefits to their customers. 

Custom cosmetic packaging boxes and their importance

There are various reasons why cosmetics companies use cosmetics boxes for their products. Moreover, product packaging is an essential part of the business because it makes your product unique and different.

In addition, it also plays a significant role in protecting the product from damage. Hence, the cosmetics boxes should be solid and durable enough so you can prevent your products from breaking.

As the cosmetic industry is growing day by day, and your customers demand something new from you. To keep up with the requirements of your buyers, you need to work on more attractive packaging and perfect custom cosmetics boxes.

Other than that, cosmetic boxes should not be too big or too small, made of 100% original material, and easy to handle. 

In addition, always use trendy and attractive colors in cosmetics boxes so your customers might not get bored. Since., The perfect design is essential to attract more buyers.

Reasons behind choosing cosmetics packaging boxes

There are a lot of benefits of cosmetics boxes in the industry. The main reasons why brands prefer eye-catching packaging boxes are to make their products look more attractive and to boost sales. Other than that, there are mainly two types of packaging methods available in business:

  • Customized packaging
  • Standard packaging

Custom cosmetic packaging is a way to design the cosmetics boxes precisely and according to the demands of the customers. In addition, custom cosmetic packaging is steadily gaining more importance in the industry as this factor helps differentiate your products from other competitors.

As the name shows, custom cosmetics boxes are an excellent way to package the products and help enhance customer service.

Other than that, with the help of personalized packaging, you can create something unique for your customers. But, again, that plays a significant role in reflecting your product with a clear message. 

Following are the reasons for choosing custom cosmetics boxes for your industry:

Enhance product value

With a creative and artistic mind, you can make your cosmetic boxes look more appealing and attractive. When a product is catchy and has a lot of new features, your customers automatically choose it. So, try to make pretty cosmetic boxes that help to amaze your customers.

Promote brand awareness

Custom cosmetics boxes are a great tool to enhance your brand awareness in the market. With the continuous improvement in the cosmetic industry, there are thousands of brands available for customers to choose from.

But if you want to highlight your brand effectively in the market, all you need is to stand out and better understand the customer’s perspective. In addition, unlike typical packaging styles, try to use modified versions in making custom cosmetics boxes. 

Cosmetic boxes should be cost-effective

Its the dream of every customer to choose products that maximize profits and minimize cost. But when it comes to cosmetics boxes, custom boxes wholesale are the perfect choice to look at As it not only helps you promote your brand but also helps gain the trust of your customers.

Cosmetic boxes

Cosmetic boxes are easy to handle 

Appropriately design your custom cosmetics boxes so they help you carry the products easily. In addition, the suitable material with the right design can give your cosmetics boxes a fantastic look. Furthermore, using durable and sturdy material in making cosmetic boxes adds more value to the boxes. Also, it’s a great way to handle small things like that. 

Amaze your customers with great packaging

The simplest way to attract more customers to your brand is by an appealing design. Better cosmetics packaging provides a great experience to the buyers. Furthermore, the products that are beautifully designed stand out for the customers and make them feel happy. 

Cosmetics boxes should be perfect for products

The cosmetics packaging boxes should not be just attractive but also meet the packaging requirements. Therefore, always choose the right quality and size of cosmetics boxes for the products as there are a lot of cosmetics products available in the market. And when it comes to packaging, each one is different from the other. 

So, it is necessary to design the custom cosmetics boxes according to the type of product. 


There are a lot of cosmetic packaging companies present around the market. But by making packaging from premium custom boxes in the USA, you will make your brand unforgettable in the market. It also helps the buyers to find the services they are looking for.

6 unique ways to pack products by using paper boxes

paper boxes

All brands look for unique ways to package their products so that they can stand out and attract. The boxes should be able to be more prominent than the competition allowing them to get noticed. Paper box packaging is a good one to try out. You can design the boxes in a way that they are different than the others placed by them.

The following are 6 ways to pack products with the help of a Kraft paper box:

Customers must be known

Whatever packaging option you choose, it is vital to know who your consumer base is so that the box can be designed appealing to them. Research must be carried out which finds out the age, gender, geographical location, shopping habits of the consumer base.

For example, if you want to package cereal for kids, the paper box for foodwill be bright, colorful, etc. You can include pictures of popular cartoon characters on it so that it appeals to this target audience. If you are not able to attract those people who want the product, sales are less likely to occur.

Choose right box

When it comes to paper packaging, you can find different types. You must choose the one that will best be able to keep your merchandise safe. You can get corrugated boxes, a Kraft paper box, etc. If you need to package something heavy that has to be transported, you may want to consider corrugated paper box packaging.

These materials are environmentally-friendly and it is a necessity to choose these nowadays. This is because there are many environmentally-conscious customers who want to buy from a brand that has “green” packaging.

The material must be safe for the product as well. You should avoid those that have chemicals which can harm food items. This is not good for people’s health and should be avoided.

Include details on the box

You should include details on the packaging so that consumers can know exactly what you are selling. The information will help them make a choice about whether they want to buy the item.

For instance, a paper box for food will tell the ingredients, nutritional information, manufacturing and expiry date, warnings, how to store, when to use by, etc.

The details you add on a Kraft paper box should be those points that are needed. Many people may not even brother reader all the information. This is why they should immediately know about what you are selling. There must not be confusion in any way.

You can also tell what makes your merchandise special on the packaging. For example, if your food product has natural ingredients, this will encourage health-conscious customers to want to get it. The brand that is not truthful here can lose customers and get penalized.

The font you choose to add the details in must be a readable one. It should be an attractive one as well. Choose its color and size carefully.

Increase brand awareness

Use packaging boxes to increase brand awareness and get your brand known in the market. If you want your business to be viewed as a professional one you will have to do this.

A brand logo will have to be designed that must be printed on the packaging of all your products. It is better to have a logo that is memorable and can be noticed. It will help customers know which products your brand is selling.

You can make it easy for people to contact your business if they need to. They may want to buy more products from you. For this you will give the contact details of the brand on packaging. Tell the physical address, phone number, email address, social media links, website, etc. on the box.

Box style

You will see that there are different types of packaging that can be gotten. It is necessary to select the one that is perfect for what you are selling. There are gable boxes, pillow boxes, etc.

A window kraft paper boxis the one that has a transparent window. This allows people to see the product before they think about buying it. They will be more confident to buy it if they view it by themselves.

This is mostly true for items like jewelry, bakery products, makeup, etc. If you want to get a box that is simple to hold with the help of handles, you can consider getting a gable box here.

Packaging that stands out

If you want your paper box for food to be able to stand out and attract people, you should design it to be prominent. The brand should carefully choose how to design it keeping colors, images, etc. in mind.

For example. if you want to give the impression that your product is a chic and elegant one, you can choose to use the color black. When a business wants to give the image of passion, the color red can be chosen. You need to spend time looking at color psychology so that you can get an idea of what the different colors signify.

It is better to avoid adding too many images on the box. These can confuse and make packaging look bad. If you want to add a picture of the product on the box, make it be realistic.

Paper box packaging is a wonderful option if you know how to design it carefully. You should choose the right strength material that will be able to keep the merchandise secure. Design the packaging after having a look at trends in the packaging of your product. You will get some ideas from here and see what the competition is doing to attract people. Follow trends but design packaging that is unique so that it can be noticed when put with the rest of the competition.

How Can You Find the Best Material of Custom Boxes for Packaging

custom boxes online

You must know that many kinds of materials are available for manufacturing custom boxes. There are certain parameters that you have to consider while choosing the right kind of material. You should know that the material should be eco-friendly and sturdy. Following are certain important parameters that you should consider while selecting the material.

Consider sturdiness 

You must know that the main purpose of packing boxes is to ensure the safety of the items. Different items may need extraordinary protection. You must know that kind of packaging material will determine the level of protection provided by the boxes. You should make sure that the manufacturing materials are sturdy. They should help to resist different kinds of threats that can damage the packaged products. They must resist bumps and jolts. They should also help to resist damages due to water exposure. These materials will help to ensure the safety of the packaged items. Hence, you should consider the sturdiness of your manufacturing materials for custom packaging.

Go green 

When you have to find the best materials for custom boxes online, you should see their type. You must know that there are different kinds of materials. They may be metals, plastics, and polymers. You should know that another material for packaging manufacturing is paper stock. You should know that paper materials are the best because they can help to keep the environment safe. You should go green and choose eco-friendly cardstocks. You can choose from kraft, cardboard, and bux board. When you manufacture custom boxes for small businesses by using these materials, they won’t affect the environment. They are biodegradable and recyclable. They can reduce the production of packaging waste and help to retain the beauty of cities.

Eco-friendly inks

You may have seen that environmental problems have increased in recent years. There are many human activities behind these issues. One of the big factors that have affected the environment is printing inks. We know that different kinds of inks are used for printing. These inks contain pigments that may contain heavy metals. These metals may become part of groundwater and affect the humans who drink them. Therefore, when you are going to choose printing inks for custom printed boxes, you should find eco-friendly inks. They should be biodegradable and safe for the environment. 

Sustainable and low materials 

We know that the manufacturing cost of packaging boxes may not be affordable for small businesses. When you have to make sure that your custom packaging boxes are affordable for everyone, you should choose sustainable manufacturing materials. They should be easy to obtain and low-cost. You should choose natural materials because they are being produced by nature and can be obtained at any time by spending less. This is the best strategy to increase your customer base and become a market leader.

Type of product to be packaged

When you are going to choose the material for manufacturing your custom boxes with logo, you should consider the type of product to be packaged inside. You should know that some materials may leak and affect the quality of your boxes. You have to find materials that can resist damages due to the absorption of liquids. You should make sure that your boxes are resistant to absorption. You must get materials for lamination that can keep your paper materials safe. They won’t absorb liquids and help to keep the boxes intact.

We have described different important parameters that can help to choose the right material for custom boxes. You should know that the right kind of materials can help to make your boxes more sturdy and popular. You should make them ensure safety. You should ensure that they are manufactured by spending less. They should be safe for the ecosystem.

Kraft pillow boxes: Game changer for companies and here is why you should order them right away

custom kraft pillow boxes

Kraft paper pillow boxes have become famous. Many companies are using them. They are very useful. Therefore, New companies are using them effectively. Many of you will be thinking about what these boxes are. Why are these so famous? Let us break it down for you.

What Kraft paper actually is?

It is a special type of paper. It is named after the chemical process. This process is called the Kraft process. We all know that we use the wood pulp and convert it into paper. Kraft paper is not different in this sense. Therefore, we also make it from wood pulp. But the steps of the process are different. Wood pulp has two components. We know it is obtained from trees and plants. So, it contains cellulose. In addition to that, it also contains lignin. Lignin is not good for paper quality. Therefore, we need to reduce its quantity. A good paper has a low level of lignin. So, we use special techniques here. We use certain chemicals that remove lignin from pulp. Then we convert this pulp into paper. This paper is called Kraft paper. 

Why is Kraft’s paper better?

Kraft paper is better than normal paper. This is because of the low level of lignin. Hence, this increases the quality of the paper. It also makes the paper rigid. That is why companies like to use kraft paper in the manufacturing of pillow boxes. 

We can easily print on it too. It is technically paper. So, we can print on it easily. Consequently, this helps the companies to customize the box. Therefore, companies make Kraft pillow boxes out of it.

What are pillow boxes?

The word ‘pillow boxes’ explains itself. We call these boxes as such because of their shape. Their shape resembles that of a pillow. Hence, these are closed on both ends. These are wider in the centre. Therefore, we can easily pack items in them. 

What are Kraft paper pillow boxes?

We make pillow boxes using kraft paper. Therefore, we call them Kraft paper pillow boxes. More simply we call them Kraft pillow boxes. We already know that this paper is sturdy and durable. It is harder than usual paper. So, it provides protection to all items. That is why companies use these boxes.

Do we use them for packing a single type of item?

‘Definitely no’. We use these boxes to pack various items. This is possible because of the shape of the boxes. There is enough space in the box. Therefore, we can use this space effectively to pack various products. 

What kind of products can we pack in Kraft paper pillow boxes?

We can pack a number of different products in these boxes. We list some of the items below:

1) Food items:

Different companies use pillow boxes to pack food items. These boxes protect the food packed inside. Consequently, these boxes increase the shelf life of the food. Thus, we can use the food for a longer time. These protect the food from getting substandard. These are impermeable to dust. So, they keep the food clean. These boxes do not allow dust to contaminate the food. That is why companies use pillow box packaging to pack food items.

2) Candies and chocolates:

Mostly young people enjoy candies and chocolates. We pack these delicacies inside these boxes. These boxes provide maximum protection to them. In addition to that, they keep these items in prime shape and quality. Their beauty increases the pleasure of eating tasty candies. Custom pillow boxes are more attractive for children. Therefore, we can use them too. It brings more happiness to the face of children.

3) Jewellery:

Jewellery is very important for women. They want to protect at any cost. This is understandable. Jewellery is expensive. It can be very costly if it gets damaged. Therefore, we must protect it. We can provide satisfactory protection using kraft pillow boxes wholesale packaging. This packaging is cheap. It does not burden our wallets. But it still provides ample protection to jewellery. 

4) Cosmetics:

Every house contains cosmetic items. Premium cosmetic items are very expensive. Apart from that, women have a special place in their hearts for cosmetics. They cannot bear any damage to their beauty products. 

Companies also need to provide protection to these items. These items are transported over large distances. Any damage will affect their quality. So, we use custom pillow boxes wholesale packaging to protect cosmetics. This reduces the overall cost of beauty products. It also satisfies the customers.

5) Gifts:

Everybody loves gifts. Gifts are an important part of our lives. They help us to express our feelings. They help us to give words to our emotions. We can say everything using gifts. Gifts are a symbol of love. They represent our care and regards. That is why people exchange gifts at important points in their lives. Whether it be Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or any other festivity, gifts are always a must. These occasions are incomplete without a gift.

We need to give adequate protection to gift items. Expensive gifts are usually fragile. We need to handle them with extra care. We use Kraft paper pillow boxes to provide this extra protection. This ensures that our gifts reach our loved ones in top quality.

6) Retail items:

Retailers display items on shelves. They pack these items in special boxes. These boxes are called retail boxes. We make special retail boxes from Kraft paper. These boxes protect the display items. Companies can also customize them. They can make these boxes more attractive. Customers like attractive boxes. So, they buy these items. Therefore, it benefits the retailer and the company.

Few questions to be addressed:

Are Kraft pillow boxes expensive?

Kraft pillow boxes are not expensive at all. Custom pillow boxes wholesale packaging is the best packaging that you can get for your product, that too in cheap rates. It saves a lot of money. You can invest that money to improve your business. Companies are using these boxes to excel in the market. 

Are Kraft pillow boxes eco-friendly?

The answer is ‘A BIG YES’. We can recycle these boxes. These boxes do not threaten our ecosystem. Instead, these boxes aid us in saving the environment. Since we can recycle them, it also implies that we can use them again and again. This also benefits the companies financially. People are worried about the ecosystem. This is the perfect time for companies. Companies can produce eco-friendly boxes using kraft paper. Then they can advertise this to win the trust of the people. It will increase their popularity. It will also lift their image in society.

Can we customize these boxes?

The answer again is ‘A BIG YES’. Kraft is technically paper, just more durable, and harder. We can easily print on it. In fact, companies are using new and new techniques for this purpose. Companies imply the latest printing techniques. This gives sharp print and precise borders. It looks more professional and elegant. 

You can also customize the colour of the box. People like unique colour combinations. Companies use vibrant colours to pack candies, chocolates, and food items. Whereas they use more sophisticated colours when it comes to jewellery. For cosmetics, they match the colour of the box with the colour of beauty products e.g., lipsticks. Hence, you can say that these boxes are the epitome of commercial product packaging.