JV PatchEd. – Roland JV-880 Patch Editor

JV PatchEd. - Patch Editor for Roland JV-880

Windows Stand-alone Patch Editor for Roland JV-880

Patch Editor for Roland JV-80 and JV-880 synthesizers.

With this panel you will have a complete control of  all Patch Configurations Parameters  on Roland JV-880.

Tone 1 to 4, LFO, TVA, TVF, Pitch, Modulators, Expansion Boards, Common, Reverb and Chorus parameters will be managed from a single instance. 

All editions will work on Temporary Patch. 

For start point, just select on JV-880 a patch that you like and click on “Get All” to start edition. All the parameters of patch will be imported by JV PacthEd. At the end of edition, if you desire, you have to save manualy a new patch on “User Bank” area directly on JV-880.

“Utility” –> “Patch Write” –> “TEMP–> Ixx” – The selected user patch will be overwrited!

Any feedback will be welcome. I Hope you enjoy!

JV PatchEd. Version 1.75 

  • Bug corretion on wave selection when expansion board SR-JV80 are present.
  • SR-JV80 selection board now are present. No more tabs for select waves of expansion.
  • Bug correction on wave list of SR-JV80-01 – POP
  • Bug correction on wave list of SR-JV80-09 – Session
  • Added wave lists from SR-JV80-13 – Vocal
  • Added wave lists from SR-JV80-14 – Asia
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