Yamaha DX11 Editor

Now Version 4.1 of the Yamaha DX11 Editor with File Browser & Librarian. Built and tested in Ctrlr v5.3.201

The DX11 is very similar in hardware and SysEx to the TX81Z but different enough to warrant it’s own dedicated Editor. The DX11 has in addition to the TZ81Z, an Aftertouch Keyboard, a Pitch Envelope, more Performance Memories, and possibly other minor differences?

Features Added in V3:

  • Performance Editing Tab now added with ability to Sync Internal Patch Names
  • Bank and Preset Selection added
  • Mode Switching now linked to Tab Switching
  • System Tab Added
  • Effects Tab Added
  • Micro Tuning Tab Added
  • Program Change Table Added

New in v4.1:

  • File Browser Added with ability to Save & Load Single Patches in SysEx form
  • Ability to load typical TX81Z 32 Patch Banks found on the Internet

Bugs Fixed in v4.1:

  • Probably lots, I can’t remember now
  • Many LUA Script optimisations
  • If you find anymore please let me know in the comments below and I’ll get on it.


10 thoughts on “Yamaha DX11 Editor”

  1. Looking great, nice work! I had plans to start something like this, and this saves me a lot of work.
    There is much potential for improvement, I will let you know what I come up with …

    I will for example add some stuff to also support YS200 and V50 ( = DX11 plus even more parameters)

  2. Thanks, if it wasn’t for Covid-19 I would never have found the time to scale this steep learning curve. I’ll have to make a start on the Performance Editing side of things quickly before I lose momentum 🙁

  3. hi there,

    this might not be your problem (i’m sure it’s not) but any advice would be gratefully received. I installed ctrlr to run your panel. It installed to my desktop as for some reason it wouldn’t go into the program files. When i uninstalled the program using Ctrlr’s uninstall utility – as i wanted it tidy elsewhere – my entire desktop was deleted! All files and folders vanished. The shortcuts to other programs remain. My recycle bin is also wiped.

    Your panel was great while it lasted, but i fear installing it again.

    any help would be great.

    best wishes

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