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Editor panel for Korg DS-8 (version 20150223b)


  • editing of single voice parameters
  • get sysex dump of current voice
  • put sysex dump of current voice
  • save current voice as .syx file
  • load current voice from .syx file
  • initialize current voice to create new voice from scratch


Please report any issues


history since 20150104:

  • several fixes (bugs reported by Justin Evans) (20150107)
  • imports Single Voice SysEx files from Korg 707
  • Midi channel can be changed. (20150111)
  • greatly improved Multi FX editor (20150112)
  • FX Delay Time and other parameters displayed with real values using Fixed Sliders (20150114)
  • Automatic remore switching between Program and Voice Edit modes (20150114)
  • Bank manager (work-in-progress. Put and Get doesn’t work yet.)  (20150223b)


5 Responses to “Korg DS-8 Panel”

  1. Caesaris

    Looks cool. Great job! Unfortunately I can’t start it on Win 7 64bit. I get an error message:
    [string “–…”]:6: attempt to call method ‘getRestoreState’ (a nil value) Metod disabled.

    On my Win 7 32 bit laptop it just crashes the Ctrl app.

  2. m.tarenskeen

    Uploaded version 20150223b with a nice-looking yet not completely functional Bank manager.
    It seems I uploaded the wrong file for version 20150115.

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