Roland JD-990 Super Editor

Roland JD-990 Super Editor

    • JD-990 Super Editor – 1
    • Includes full drop-down menu access to to the SR-JV80-04 Expansion card patches and wave forms if installed.
    • Selected SR-JV80-04 patches for JV Series and JD series are loaded into Patch Mode/Temporary Patch.
    • Simultaneous editing of all four voices per patch as in Palette Mode on JD-990 (except for wave-forms)
    • Edits/Changes to a temporary patch can be saved as an external sysex file.
    • Writing patch changes to JD-990 must be done on the machine.
    • Tested in standalone mode only with  [Ctrlr 5.3.201 (Recommended::  Windows 10].
    • For Bulk Sysex dumps use  the  JD-990 Sysex Dump Utility  utility, which will be included in version 2 of this program.
    • Please check back regularly for updates as this project is currently active.
  • To create a VST or AU file: Load the Ctrlr.dll into your DAW, then load this panel into that. Then go to File -> Export -> Export Restricted Instance. This will build a VST dll or AU file. You can now load this panel independently of Ctrlr.

Comments or suggestions  welcome.

Version History and Change-log:

    • Version 1.7.0 (01/18/2019)
      minor design change – small bug fix – zoom function
    • Version 1.5f (01/12/2019)
      sys dump Area buttonfix
    • Version 1.5e (01/04/2019)
      Voice Priority and SoloSync were not displaying
    • Version 1.5d (11/11/2018)
      Fixed incorrect sysex formulae for Spectrum.
    • Version 1.5c (10/30/2018)
      Waveform Load Function was crashing on startup.
      Please upgrade to this version!
    • Version 1.5b (10/09/2018)
      Waveform Source button now working
    • Version 1.5a (10/07/2018)
      Fixed missing images in VST.dll
    • Version 1.5 (10/06/2018)
      • Many code fixes
      • Load time should be greatly reduced.
      • Addressed Ctrlr Bug: sends all combo sysex/cc to machine on panel load.
      • Fixed Midi Buffer Full Errors and Checksum Errors.
    • Version 1.2 -1.4  (from 09/28/2018)
      • Please upgrade to version 1.5+
    • Version 1.1 (08/18/2018) Fixed panel size (24px Ctrlr Bug)
    • Version 1.0 (07/10/2018) Changed Checksum function
    • Version 0.99 (07/04/2018) Checksum error fix
    • Version 0.98.5 (12/15/2017) Minor code fixes
    • Version 0.98 (10/13/2017) First release

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Download 32bit and 64bit VST or standalone versions here

32 thoughts on “Roland JD-990 Super Editor”

  1. Awesome ! just created my account at Ctrlr looking for a editor for my Kurzweil K2500 and find this – which I also have.

    I look forward to getting my head around Ctrlr and your user pannel. Have you seen the one on mididesigner ?

  2. It’s great to get some feedback – Once you understand Ctrlr as a user, it works well. I hope to improve this panel’s vst functionality in the future, so please check back for updates!

    I don’t have an iPad, but that mididesigner panel for the JD-990 looks excellent. Didn’t know about that. You can see from the screenshots just how many features are locked away in the JD-990, which makes designing access to all of that a challenge!

  3. may be, would be nice that when a parameter is changed on the JD990 then it is reflected in the editor ( like the on off switch for the ABCD operators, or the part select or the ability to use the value button to adjust filter freq …). Well great work anyway ( sorry if my english is a bit erratic , I’m french )

  4. Bonjour Robx21, well your English is excellent, but I think what you say is not possible on the JD990 – maybe I’m missing something, but you can update your changes you make on the JD990 by clicking the “Sync with JD990” button. It’s the next best thing I suppose.

  5. Hello dnaldoog, thanks for your quick answer, indeed the sync button is fine, no need to complicate things. Well if I can think of one thing that would be to me very valuable in your editor, it would be the ability to save and load entire banks. I know we can use midiox for this but i’ve tried it today, it was very slow, i’ve tried too the JD990 patch organiser. It was faster than midiox, I could manage to receive banks from the JD990, but not to send them. If you can add this to your editor then we would have everything we need to create and manage sounds for the JD in the same soft. It would be great.

    • I can look at that – I t should be possible, but it’s great to hear about anything like this, because this is really stage 1, version 1 and I hope to improve the interface (it’s not the most beautiful) and maybe have graphs in there too.


      • Hi Robx21!

        A few months later and I have created a bulk sysexdump utility for the JD-990. I am working on incorporating it into the editor, but that’s more of a task than creating a panel dedicated to bulk dumps.

        I intend to also add extensive saving and editing capabilities to this panel.

        Right now as you know, on this JD-990 Super Editor panel you can only save the temporary patch to a sysex file and then read it back to the temporary memory area if you don’t manually save it on the machine, but soon the editor will be able to save directly to any of the JD-990 Internal Patch Memory Banks.

        Kind regards,

  6. Hello dnaldoog , keep on the good work , what you’ve done already is VERY useful ! I found that it can work with a DAW open at the same time, if I open the DAW first ( Studio One 3 here) I just select a midi track in Studio One and then I open your editor, it sends a few messages like some midi is missing BUT then it works very fine . Most of editors I’ve tried ( I’ve got one for a VS prophet) can’t work with a DAW open a the same time.
    So when synth editing is needed you have to quit your DAW and the reload it.
    For sure don’t change this beautiful feature. Thanks again for your work. Regards

  7. Thanks Rob. It’s very encouraging to hear this. I haven’t received any feedback apart from yours, so I am guessing “no news is good news” but I have no idea if it is working on any other system apart from mine (and yours).

    Again, thank you for the compliments and I am very happy to hear it is useful for you. My JD990 has a very dim display, so I had avoided using it until I developed this and accessing the SR-JV card expansion patches was also difficult. Not so much now. I’m also working on a panel for the JV1010.

  8. Works really nicely here. like the poster above said this really allows you to modify a patch in in your daw in the mix. I have it with the vintage synths card and accessing its patches is really super convenient as well.
    what would be nice to have though is some way to automatically recall a preset in the daw. right now you either save it seperately on the jd or manually as a .syx file.

    • Thanks Frankie13,

      I think I hit a wall with that. I had trouble running the program in Cubase as a VST (that’s what you mean, right?). So that opened up a whole new can for me when developing the panel. So I released it as standalone only because I thought it was working as a panel.

      But I intend to go into that in the next version. When I do it would be great to get some input from you as to whether it is working. I’ll need some time as I am a bit tied up right now, but thanks for writing!

  9. Hello dnaldoog, glad that you feel less isolated, you’ve heard maybe of Solaris, he’s made some banks for the JD990, he seems to be a great fan of the JD, I’m sure he would appreciate your work. For the bulk dump the user memory is the only one needed . I also forget to tell you the access you managed to the SR-JV ( I got the 04 recently) is a real relief from the painful standart Roland procedure.

    • Hi Robx21,

      Yes, I got the sysex information for the SR-JV-04 from Don Solaris’s website and was able to modify the code to load into the temporary patch on the JD-990. Glad to hear you and frankie13 are able to access the SR-JV-04. I almost never used to use it because it was such a pain to access.

      So I’ll need some time right now, but when I can I will put that bulk dump capability into a new panel.


  10. Just bought the 990 (nice to have it back again after 15 years) and am checking out your Panel.

    Seems to be working well so far, great job. ๐Ÿ™‚

    A couple of comments/questions:

    The Waveform menus only show Internal WFs until a Vintage Board preset is loaded (and then they only show the Vintage WFs)… is it possible to add some sort of INT/EXP button that would allow to switch lists without loading and EXP board first (or am I missing something?)

    • Hi taoyoyo,

      I am glad to hear the program is working for you. I have been away from all this recently and set up the JD-990 to check your question and as always amazed by the sound!

      I read through your message several times and I think what you want is already implemented. Please correct me if I am wrong or misunderstood the question.

      There’s a combo-box drop down labelled ‘source’ under Tone Delay Time in the WG-(Wave Generator) section. If I select a normal patch from the JD-990 (not the card) or load the program and then select EXP, I think the waveforms from the card will then be listed in the ‘wavefrom’ combo-box above.

  11. Thanks for the JD-990 panel. Your panel was one of the reasons I got the JD-990. It wasn’t working for me until I restored the JD-990 to its factory settings. Now it works fantastically in standalone mode. The panel doesn’t work within Logic but that’s as advertised, no? Just want to make sure I’m not missing anything in terms of getting it to work in the DAW. Thanks again!

  12. Hi dubscura,

    I’m glad to hear this panel was one of the reasons you got the JD-990.

    I use Cubase and I never could get this panel to work with Cubase satisfactorily if at all, so I presume it doesn’t work in Logic. I want to get back to working on a new version, perhaps with a view to getting VST working, so no you’re not missing anything!

    When I finally get around to doing that, it would be great to hear how it works in Logic.


  13. Hi dnaldoog,

    It doesn’t seem to work in Logic Pro 9. Unless I don’t know how to use it?
    In “Modulation” tag, the parameters are all the same, whatever tone is selected. Pressing “SYNC with JD990” button doesn’t change anything.


    • Hi Pevets,

      I wouldn’t know about Eprom versions and whether they would affect things. Would doubt it. As long as the Midi sysex is the same, which it would be – there shouldn’t be an issue.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have Logic.

      I had trouble running this version under Cubase LE 9.5 as VST too, but it does work (to a certain degree).

      Can you load it as a VST instance at all? Is it just connecting to the JD-990 that’s a problem?

      Can you supply more detail? For example you have to mess around with the Midi Thru routing options in Ctrlr of the VST instance to get it working and connecting to the JD990 (in Cubase), but I couldn’t get values to be recalled on reload – that – I hope , will be fixed in the latest version.


  14. Hi dnaldoog,

    Yes, I can load it as a VST instance in Cubase LE, as I can load it as an AU instance in Logic Pro, both 9 and X, under Mavericks (but not under Snow Leopard).

    About the MIDI Thru routing options, it’s in the panel’s MIDI tab?


  15. Hi Pevets,

    Everything is working for me, so it’s difficult to troubleshoot the problem.

    If you want to change patches make sure …
    Rx. Program Change in the SYSTEM AREA is set to on.

    How to connect the JD-990 (VST) to Cubase: (※ I don’t think any Modulator settings are saved though)

    1. In Cubase, Disable †Midi-in **Midi-out ports to the JD990.
    2. Open JD-990 VST in an instrument track IN=(All Midi Inputs)
    3. Create Midi track IN=(All Midi Inputs) OUT=(JD-990 Midi-in) (I record midi notes & data to this track)
    4. In the VST Ctrlr panel connect to the †Midi-in and **Midi-out connected to JD-990 (you disabled them in Cubase ( See step #1))
    5. I found the only Midi-thru setting that needs to be checked was
      MIDI→Midi Thru→”Plugin-host->Output Device”
      (The 5th option down in the fold out menu).

    Hope this works for you and I guess this is not the only way to do this and maybe not even the best way.

  16. Hi dnaldoog,

    Everything works fine in Logic! I’m so happy! I didn’t try again in Cubase.
    Your previous answer helped me. It made me think. The problem was very simple to solve: I did not choose ‘Roland JD-990’ in the MIDI settings… I’m so ashamed.
    Thanks again for your help.

    Does it exist a function to extract the name of the patches? And do you think that a librarian function will be possible in the future?

    Best regards.

    • Hi Pevets,

      So glad it’s working for you, as well as is the bulk dump utility.

      The next version will have that feature, where it will transfer custom patch names to the panel (menu) as well as being able to save individual patches to any of the 64 memory locations on the JD-990 as well as incorporating the bulk dump functionality.

      I must be about half way through as I write. When I do release it, it would be great to get your feedback on how it works with your setup, which I don’t have.

      Kind regards,

    • I think very soon Bobcat. The coding is finished; just working on the interface and barring any bugs found during testing, I will upload soon. Let me know what you think when it is uploaded if you can.

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