Yamaha Reface DX, CS, CP, and YC

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Yamaha Reface DX, CS, CP, and YC editor/librarian panels   Features:  Edit Voice and System parameters  Save *.syx to disk  Load *.syx from disk  Send SysEx bulk of all parameters to MIDI from Panel  Receive SysEx bulk of all parameters from MIDI to Panel Randomizer (Reface DX and CS) Send (CC or SysEx) and receive… Read more »

Eventide Orville Panel

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Panel for the Eventide Orville. Hey everyone, as a first test run using Ctrlr, I just created a quick and dirty panel to perform remote key presses for my Eventide Orville. Please note that the buttons are transparent; hover over the button on the Orville image and click to transmit the system exclusive commands responsible… Read more »

Hughes & Kettner – GrandMeister Desktop Remote

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An editor for the Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister 36 and GrandMeister Deluxe 40 guitar amps. Here is a new version for this editor (v2.5.2) with full support for GrandMeister Deluxe 40. Once started the Editor will try to connect to the Amp (don’t forget to setup the “Input” / “Device” and “Output” / “Device” in… Read more »

Vintage Revolution PedalPro Ex MIDI (v0.1)

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This is a Panel for the Vintage Revolution PedalPro Ex edition – a analogue guitar effects processor. All the implemented MIDI controllers are now available on one screen. This was made by Jacob Korn based on the PedalPro v0.1 Panel by Marc Jacobi. Thank you. If you do not have the Extension in the PedalPro installed… Read more »

Roland MKS-7 Editor

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I recently purchased a Roland MKS-7. Despite the fact that it is a Juno-106 and TR-707 in a box, it is not as popular as other modules. It’s simply because this is only a preset machine, you can only use the preset voices. You cannot edit the patch, nor can you save your own patches. Fortunately, MKS-7 can… Read more »

DSI Pro 2 editor and librarian

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Editor and librarian for the DSI Pro 2 synth v1.4 2018-01-01 Features: Pro2 interface with similar look as actual synthesizer Parameters grouped in different tabs Information about the meaning of each parameter (extract from the manual), its current value and its saved value of the loaded program by simple click and without modifying the value Bi-directional… Read more »

Peavey Spectrum Synth Editor

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A panel for the Peavey Spectrum Synth, a 1U multi-timbral rack unit. This panel uses Sysex commands to control the synthesizer parameters on Spectrum Synths running version 1.2.4 firmware. All patch parameters are accessible, however existing values are presently not displayed in the panel. You can easily select presets via the Preset Menu, save any changes via the Save button… Read more »

SLIM’XTC V.1.0 – Panel for Moog Slim Phatty

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Panel for Moog Slim Phatty. Use midi CC and Sysex. Fully bidirectionnal. Patches can be saved and loaded to/from disk (.syx). Banks (.syx) can be loaded and sended to synth. Enjoy!     – SLIM’XTC V.1.0   By downloading this file you agree with the following terms and conditions : All rights on the software… Read more »

Akai SG01v panel

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A simple editor for the Akai SG01v sound module. Fairly simple box with surprisingly good sounds. This is my first attempt at panel programming, so any suggestions will be welcome. Happy tweaking!   .     Downloads:  

Jomox Airbase 99 Panel

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Hi Everybody,   This whole CTRLR community is great! I’m new to CTRLR and found it via a google search for a Jomox Airbase 99 editor. I followed a link to the Airbase 99 panel download but it has since been removed. Does anybody on here have a working link to an Airbase 99 panel… Read more »