ReMS2000 – Korg MS2000 Editor

ReMS2000 is a Korg MS2000 editor and librarian panel that allows you to control almost every parameter from within your DAW.

Panel features:

  • Control all “Edit Mode” parameters
  • Open / Save SysEx bulk dump and separate programs files
  • Send / Receive bulk dumps and separate programs
  • Vocoder mode support
  • Racall parameters on startup
  • Copy timbre and sequence data between layers or programs
  • *.prg files experimental support for separate programs
  • Timbre randomization


Panel source file, win standalone, vst can be found in the “Release” section at the link down below:

Black Skin
Nord Skin
JP8080 Skin
Previous Next Version history (current: v1.3 [2021-08-23])

v1.3 [2021-08-23]


  • Internal MIDI Device dialog selection window is now accessible from the Settings page
  • Version checking on startup. If version difference confirmed, then the panel will delete the “.delete_me_to_reload_resources” file and will suggest to reload the instance

Other notes:

  • Emergency” button now called by double click instead of mouse down event
  • Get file” routines rewritten
  • Request LCD mode on startup

v1.2.7 [2021-08-15]


  • Timbre randomizer


  • Arp Swing value interpretation fixed (-100~+100)
  • OSC 1 Control 2 now transmits the correct SysEx for DWGS Waveform

Other notes:

  • Code cleanup
  • Some color schemes tweaking

If you encounter missing knob image after panel update, then delete the file


and restart the panel.

v1.2.3 [2021-08-08]


  • Add some extra compatibility for reading dumps (some “Hands-On” MIDI dump was found and processed)

Other notes:

  • Mac VST instance was exported for this release. It is fully untested though.
  • Further CC => SysEx controls transition.
    Helps to avoid problems with Dual / Split voice modes value interference, when both layers are set to the same non-global midi-channel.
    Maybe it is a bad decision as sysex narrows down the automation capabilities (MS2K can barely handle more than 1 automation at a time). Time (or feedback) will tell
  • Looks like microKORG SysEx dumps are compatible too, quick test with no issues

v1.2 [2021-08-04]


  • Program Play mode values are processing now (experimental)
  • New “Initialize program bank” option


  • If save to disk operations cancelled, no unnecessary actions will be executed
  • OSC2 Semitone bounds fixed for synth <=> vocoder transitions

Other notes:

  • “Rename program” dialog will not allow to input more than 12 characters now
  • Further code cleanup, some methods were united during this process

v1.1 [2021-08-02]


  • Color scheme change implemented
  • “Request data on program change” button added


  • No more random synthesizer config rewriting on startup
  • Fixed annoying behaviour of the Settings button on startup. Still have no 100% sure it will always work

Other notes:

  • “Request synthesizer settings on startup” button was removed from settings. This operation will run by default
  • Ctrlr panel menu is hidden for restricted instances now. It still accessible with “emergency” [+] button on the settings page
  • Rearranged settings page
  • More typos fixed
  • Timers code rewritten
  • Redone timbre selection operations a bit
  • Code cleanup, data flow corrected to avoid excessive data sending and looping

v1.0 Release [2021-07-31]


  • Now it is possible to control preset and bank selection on the hardware (“HARDWARE” selector)
  • Quick select program on the synthesizer by right clicking the “HARDWARE” selector
  • Change sequencer values by dragging mouse on the graphic
  • “Request settings from synthesizer” button in the panel settings menu


  • Vocoder => Synth (and vice versa) transition when selecting a preset now works correctly

Other notes:

  • Panel settings now stored in an external file (“[APPDATA]/ReMS2000/config.json”), so any instance of this panel will use them
  • Altered timbre assign behaviour – “Detune” knob is only available when “Unison” timbre mode is selected
  • Using midi channel data when parsing and sending the “program change” messages
  • Some global => local vars improper usage eliminated
  • Slight UI Tweaking

v1.0 beta 3 [2021-07-30]


  • *.prg format for single program is now supported
  • New Copy / Paste function for Timbre / Sequence data implemented


  • Fixed some byte adress dispositions in the buffers (OSC1 Waveform, Filter, LFO1, LFO2)
  • Fixed wrong preset naming after state recovery
  • Sync buffers before saving state
  • Fixed turning on the SEQ1 lamp on startup

v1.0 beta 2 [2021-07-28]


  • VOCODER mode is now supported
  • Option for requesting synth setup on startup


  • Fixed some value / boundaries issues
  • Virtual patch knobs reassigned for using sysex instead of multi messages
  • Bunch of rewritten code (thanks to vocoder)
  • New LCD font for better match
  • Slightly rearranged GUI
  • Bugfixes

v1.0 beta 1 [2021-07-25]

  • Initial release

Novation X-Station Voice Editor

Here is Novation X-Station voice editor / librarian.

What can it do:

  • Send / receive almost all the parameters via SysEx / MIDI CC messages
  • Save / Load MIDI Bulk SysEx dump files to / from X-Station
  • Save / Load single programs  as *.syx files
  • Receiving MIDI bulk dumps directly from device

This panel have some limitations – for example after “offline” parameters edited, entire patch data is sending via sysex because X-Station not able to control these parameters in realtime.

Current version: 0.4.3 from 14.10.2019

Hope controlling your X-Station with this panel will be fun!

Yamaha AN200


Finally I made panel for my Yamaha AN200.

What can it do:

  • Send / receive almost all the parameters via SysEx / MIDI CC messages
  • Manipulate Free EG values
  • Save / Load MIDI Bulk SysEx dump files to / from AN200
  • Save / Load single programs  as *.syx files
  • JayB patch bank embed by default (
  • Receiving MIDI bulk dumps directly from device

To make AN200 tweaking more enjoyable – that’s what this panel is created for!

Theoretically, this panel is also compatible with the PLG150-AN card, but it has not been tested, so that’s not sure.

Thanks to the guys Possemo, dnaldoog and goodweather for the tips and tricks!

PS: since this panel is oriented only on a synth part of the device, there are no controls related to the stepsequencer / drum parts.

PPS: it’s still beta, so errors are possible. Please, leave a comment if you are experiencing any problems.

Future plans:

  • Code stabilization
  • Improve AN1X compatibility
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Changes v 0.6  
  • Applied dnaldoog”s workaround, fixing startup alert and popup windows odd behaviour
  • Receiving MIDI bulk dumps directly from device now possible
    • After receiving bulk dump you can either save it directly to HDD or load data into panel
  • Settings menu implemented:
    • Added “Send panel data after loading” option
  • Added “Portamento mode” controller
  • Support processing AN1X Edit “MidiEx” bulk dumps
  • Fixed bug in exported VST version, which causes wrong preset name after loading state
  • Fixed Freehand tool right-to-left drawing – there was some inaccuracies which causes broken lines
  • Some minor fixes and slight code review
Changes v 0.7:  
  • Changed true/false to 1/0 values for “panel loaded” variables
  • Save single program to disk writes current panel state data into preset instead of original preset data
  • Changed some bytes in a sysex formulas – sometimes device ID was “11”, sometimes “10”
  • Added new option – “Send panel data after preset changed” (it was always set to “ON” before)
  • Setting some parameters as not exported to VST host since there is no reason to automate them
Changes v 0.8  
  • New style controls
  • Removed FreeEG Keytracking knob because it is not used anywhere
  • Adjusted some parameters to fit ImageSlider requirements (hope there was nothing broken during this process…) 

Current version: 0.9 from 22.09.2019 

Latest changes:

  • Rewritten bulk dump processing procedure – now it can directly process *.AN2 files
  • AN1X (very limited) experimental support – controls was transferred from experimental panel
  • Fixed some value inconsistencies 
Before you start: this panel using extended instructions set, so you need to turn on extended midi control change mode on your device.   Note for AN1X users: to show available AN1X controls, go to Settings -> Set AN1X compatibility mode, then Settings -> Show AN1X-specific controls.   P. S.: since I had to sell my AN200, further development is halted.