Yamaha AN200


Finally I made panel for my Yamaha AN200.

What can it do:

  • Send / receive almost all the parameters via SysEx / MIDI CC messages
  • Manipulate Free EG values
  • Save / Load MIDI Bulk SysEx dump files to / from AN200
  • Save / Load single programs  as *.syx files
  • JayB patch bank embed by default (http://jaybmusic.net)
  • Receiving MIDI bulk dumps directly from device

To make AN200 tweaking more enjoyable – that’s what this panel is created for!

Theoretically, this panel is also compatible with the PLG150-AN card, but it has not been tested, so that’s not sure.

Thanks to the guys Possemo, dnaldoog and goodweather for the tips and tricks!

PS: since this panel is oriented only on a synth part of the device, there are no controls related to the stepsequencer / drum parts.

PPS: it’s still beta, so errors are possible. Please, leave a comment if you are experiencing any problems.

Future plans:

  • Code stabilization
  • Improve AN1X compatibility
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Changes v 0.6  
  • Applied dnaldoog”s workaround, fixing startup alert and popup windows odd behaviour
  • Receiving MIDI bulk dumps directly from device now possible
    • After receiving bulk dump you can either save it directly to HDD or load data into panel
  • Settings menu implemented:
    • Added “Send panel data after loading” option
  • Added “Portamento mode” controller
  • Support processing AN1X Edit “MidiEx” bulk dumps
  • Fixed bug in exported VST version, which causes wrong preset name after loading state
  • Fixed Freehand tool right-to-left drawing – there was some inaccuracies which causes broken lines
  • Some minor fixes and slight code review
Changes v 0.7:  
  • Changed true/false to 1/0 values for “panel loaded” variables
  • Save single program to disk writes current panel state data into preset instead of original preset data
  • Changed some bytes in a sysex formulas – sometimes device ID was “11”, sometimes “10”
  • Added new option – “Send panel data after preset changed” (it was always set to “ON” before)
  • Setting some parameters as not exported to VST host since there is no reason to automate them
Changes v 0.8  
  • New style controls
  • Removed FreeEG Keytracking knob because it is not used anywhere
  • Adjusted some parameters to fit ImageSlider requirements (hope there was nothing broken during this process…) 

Current version: 0.9 from 22.09.2019 

Latest changes:

  • Rewritten bulk dump processing procedure – now it can directly process *.AN2 files
  • AN1X (very limited) experimental support – controls was transferred from experimental panel
  • Fixed some value inconsistencies 
Before you start: this panel using extended instructions set, so you need to turn on extended midi control change mode on your device.   Note for AN1X users: to show available AN1X controls, go to Settings -> Set AN1X compatibility mode, then Settings -> Show AN1X-specific controls.   P. S.: since I had to sell my AN200, further development is halted.

21 thoughts on “Yamaha AN200”

  1. Yessssss, Thank You so much,, It seems to work for the AN1X too,

    The layout is very easy to use,,,
    After all those years I still wasn’t started to edit the AN1X with sounddiver and
    the Yamaha editor by meself, because these editors aren’t user friendly, to difficult.
    I only used the jayb and other banks as preseys, so finally this gonna change,,

    Wow,, Well done,,

    I’m not a kapitalist, but I wanne donate you 9,99 euro for this master peace,,
    So Good work !! So Great !! Thanks !!

    • Thanks for your feedback, Stephen307!

      I’m pretty sure it’s not 100% compatible, at least according to the manual some sysex bytes are using for different things in AN200 and AN1X, but I’m glad to hear that this panel works on AN1X too!


  2. Awesome effort Inteyes!!

    I’m also AN1X owner and kinda hoped more parameers would work with it but still it’s good not needing to start AN1X Edit all the time.

    Also, it seems that Free EG is not workng for VST x64 plugin (there is no graphic on the top right as tested on Ableton 10.


    • Hello, denmla!

      Since I have no AN1X hardware, I cannot provide better compatibility to it for now. But I think in the future I will make an effort to improve it by digging into manuals (if there will be enough free time ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

      As for FreeEG – that’s strange, because I cannot reproduce it in ableton 10 x64. What version of Ctrlr are you using? Anyway seems like I found some other issues there, which will try to fix in the next release.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  3. Hi Intesys,

    Regarding AN1X that would be…..well… brilliant and give you much bigger userbase. Ideally you could switch modes AN200/AN1X etc. but yeah let’s leave that for the future ofc.

    AS for the version of CTRL I’m using it is:
    “Version = 6.0.4, Build date = Wed, Jan 16, 2019 ”

    What I did is I loaded other VST pannel (Korg Prophecy editor) and exported X64 VST of your AN200 Edit.

    This is the screenshoot:

    Essentally, the grid graphics are seen upon initial load but dissapears immediaely when I change pressets/or initialized pressets.

    Let me know If I can help you more!

  4. OK I cant figure out how to post a nested reply…shame on me.

    Anyway, your exported plugin is working great as far as free EG graphics go (my reported issue).
    However, on AN1X “Send” command or “Autosend” activates lowest note on the keyboard and it is stuck there. Free EG is not working as far as I can tell for AN1X.

    Thanks a lot for the time man

      • Thank you for the info!

        Well, as far as I can see in the manual, AN1X sending more data with FreeEG message. It sending internal effects data and some more info, which is not presented in AN200. There is no quick fix for that, but I will try to figure the differences soon.

        PS: I looked closely at the manual, and seems like there is a way more work which I will not be able to check by myself, so there will be no updates related to it in the near future. The only thing I can provide is to fix realtime control changes if there are problems with any of them (honestly I’m impressed how many internal effect processors AN1X model have, especially compared to AN200 ๐Ÿ˜€ ).

        • Absolutely!

          Yeah AN1X is actually a beast, I have it for 19 years now!

          If I can assist you at any point let me know but I can definitely understand that supporting AN1X to any degree would be a tedius job.

          Honestly I’d be happy if some basic controllers would work (like VCF EG depth & ADSR) let alone fancy Free EG.

          Oh and your UI is awesome btw.

          • Thanks!

            I just wonder, have you tried to change “Control Change Mode” to “Mode 2”? According to the manual, seems like that’s possible reason why you cannot control some basic parameters via this panel.

            That’s what manual says:

            “Control Change Modes
            The AN1x has two Control Change modes. Mode 1 is the
            official MIDI standard, which is set at the factory. Mode 2 is
            a special list of Control Change parameter settings unique to
            the AN1x.

            To change between modes, first turn off the power. Then,
            press and hold [ASSIGN] and press the [POWER] switch.
            Either โ€œmode1โ€ or โ€œmode2โ€ will appear in the LCD at the
            start-up procedure to indicate which mode is activated.

            When using Mode 2, take care when making Control Change assignments
            since the behavior will be different from the MIDI standard.”

            As far as i can see, CC map of AN1X pretty the same with AN200, so that might help.

          • Hey Intesys, It works with mode 2!

            Thanks a lot, I would think I was in that mode all along since AN1X Edit worked but obviously I was in Mode 1.

            Thanks man

          • Cool, great to hear that it works!

            PS: also there is experimental panel in the download section, check it out if you want ๐Ÿ™‚ I made some additions about AN1X internal FX and FreeEG sending, just follow the info under “Note for AN1X users”.

          • Hey Intesys!

            Been quiet lately as windows update messed my machine but I restored it now and been testing the AN1X compatibility mode in 0.9!

            It’s AWESOME!!!

            Will post if I get some defects, but for now it seems stable and amazing!

          • Thanks for the info, glad it works! These additions are a kind of compromise, because the panel ignores some parameters, such as arp \ play effect \ scene selector. Maybe I’ll be able to improve it in future releases, we will see ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Hey Intesys, where can I donate some?

            Is Paypal OK? Please provide donate link I’m sure I’m not the only one!


          • Hi, denmla!

            Thanks for your interest in the donation, but I donโ€™t think it’s necessary. For me, the best donation is feedback.

            Also, as far as I know, a really serious editor for AN200/AN1X by Jani (mystery islands music) is under development now, so it’s better save some money for it I guess ๐Ÿ˜‰

            Have a nice day!

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