Moog Minitaur

Created by Stoner at Moogasm

This panel has been designed to work with the Minitaur which is a compact and powerful analogue bass synthesizer created, produced and sold by Moog Music Inc. This panel will allow the user to have access to this powerful synthesizer as a VST/AU enabling the user access within programs such as Ableton Live and Logic Pro using full automation.

This panel is still in development and I look forward to any comments, suggestions and recommendations. The purpose of this project is to allow my son access to this device using full automation in the aforementioned programs.  I have been developing and testing as a standalone panel and am ready for some initial testing and feedback on the panel.

The controls on the first tab (Minitaur Editor) use a vertical drag to alter them and they show a bubble with the value.  The second tab (Under the Hood) uses a rotary drag to move the knobs.  This screen will also allow one to position the knob at the point where they click on the knob, eliminating some of the need to drag.  The third tab (Miscellaneous) uses a horizontal drag.  Both tabs 2 and 3 do not show the bubble when dragging. All three tabs allow the user to double click to set value back to Default as specified in the Minitaur manuals and documentation.

Please feel free to test and provide feedback on anything.  Currently, avoid using the Erase Firmware and Save Firmware functionality on the Miscellaneous tab.  Those setting may require physically putting the |Minitaur in a special mode, so avoid those at this time.  On that tab is the Set All Defaults button.  This button may be useful if settings go astray.

When using some of the settings it may be necessary to either Send Snapshot or Receive Snapshot depending on where the change was made.  Once Set All Defaults is performed one may want to hit the FW VERSION GET button and watch the firmware version on the screen get updated.  Also, the FW VERSION DISPLAY has your Minitaur show its display by flashing the Oscillator button LEDs.

The Refresh button on the Under the Hood tab will update you MIDI settings so one may also select and make changes from those LED style list boxes.  I also have not tested anything on the Hardware/Calibration page.  Use that at your own risk and really only if you know what you are doing.

All the Presets buttons work now.  The Save Local Preset function is identical to functionality on Moog’s Minitaur Editor, except for a slight difference in two of the settings.  Those settings are:Glide Type and LFO Clock. Work is still being done to better the functionality on this tab but it is now fully functional needing some User Interface improvements as well as perhaps correcting the aforementioned difference.

The panel is downloaded from here:

Download   Download Count: 3,341   Panel Size: 5.0 MB

11 thoughts on “Moog Minitaur”

  1. Hello friends,
    Thank you very much for downloading my panel. I have had no feedback at all, so I can only guess that everyone is having a great time using this panel and that no one is having any issues and everyone loves how it functions, even though the first three tabs function differently. I am glad that things are going so very well.

  2. I did download your panel, though I don’t own this “beast”, mainly for studying and learning from your Lua scripting. I hope you don’t mind. Also my compliments for the design! It amazes me always the kind of graphic quality one can achieve with Ctrlr/Juce

  3. Thanks so much. Once the next build of Ctrlr happens, I will update this with a better looking panel. I have been helping add to the GUI to allow more standardization in components, and it does enhance the graphic quality even more.
    But thanks, I appreciate the comments.

  4. hey, the panel looks great and thanks alot that someone did this! minitaur was always a mess for me without a vst controlpossibility.

    but, i got a problem with the automation, when i load it into ableton i can only get 4 (useless to automate) parameters, octave up, down, reset all and midi notes.

    the others i cant get into ableton for automation, any ideas on this?

  5. Hi,
    Great panel – I could never get the official editor working, so I haven’t been able to get at the hidden parameters of the Minitaur before. Two questions – when I try and save a preset, I get an error complaining about the file not having the correct extension (.preset). Not sure where to add this extension. Secondly (& this may not be directly related to the panel), how do you get MIDI to the Minitaur while using the Panel as well. As soon as I send MIDI from my keyboard as well as from the panel, the panel stops sending data to the Minitaur. Thanks for a great panel.

  6. hi there, just installed it. i’m new to ctrlr, but just noticed if i run the ersion AU and VST version in ableton live 9.04 i can only see the minitaur USB port in the VST version. So far i’ve messed around a bit and managed to send some control changes to the minitaur that havent yet managed to record and play back. thanks for the panel though, looks promising. j.x

  7. Hi this looks amazing but i can’t get it to work in logic x. I can get it to remotely control the minitaur but not record automation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • I have the same problem, was wondering how you actually get to record automation in Logic. I know there is a trick in the hat in the Environment of Logic to get to record automation on a module, I wonder if this would solve our problem.

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