Prophet 6 editor

NRPN-based editor for Prophet 6

Supports all parameters except the sequencer. Can only send/receive/save single patches. Can load sysex files with multiple patches.

In the Globals section on the device, set “Param Xmit” and “Param Rcv” to “nr” (NRPN), set “MIDI SysEx” and “MIDI Out” to match your input in Ctrlr.

Tested with OS 1.3.1 and Ctrlr 5.4.16, 5.4.29.

Consider it beta-quality. Provided as-is. Feel free to improve it. See for the OB-6 version of the panel.

Download Downloads: 2,187


  • v1.9: 2017-03-18 Added sample chord memories and ability to search in library (factory + loaded patch names)
  • v1.8: 2017-02-10 Fixed OB-6 mode not beeing triggered. Misc. library/browser improvements.
  • v1.7: 2016-01-29 Fixed vst index, added disk browser, added “support” for loading OB-6 sysex with “LOAD OB” (some patches need filter tweaking after loading, others will sound just fine).
  • v1.5: 2016-12-30 Make it compatible with more versions of Ctrlr. Fixes method disabled for (un)packDsiData.
  • v1.4: 2016-12-23  Added support for loading sysex files with multiple programs and a minimal program browser.
  • v1.3: Initial version

6 thoughts on “Prophet 6 editor”

  1. Nice panel – thanks for your hard work!

    However in Ableton 9 all the program parameters appear as undefined_0, undefined_1, undefined_2 etc. and they all do nothing. See…ters%20bug.png You seem to have ‘Export parameter to VST host’ checked in your panel definition for each knob etc. so I don’t know what is going wrong.

  2. Hi, I’m new to the forum and I’m looking to have the editor of Prophet 6, should I build it, make it or can I use a ready-made editor ?
    Thank you in advance for your answers and your help, cordially. Stef

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