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  1. The download doesn’t work anymore for v 0.2

    I tried to make my own Redominator to ajuno converter
    but I cancel it, because of different versions of redominator preset file

    I wanne have my own converter because
    I wanne batch proces the full redominator library in one click

    So okey, great work, very cool to convert Redominator presets
    I can’t find the conversion code in you’re Ctrlr project

    So yes,, I wanne have version 0.2 !! But the download doesn’t work


  2. Hi Stephen307,

    Great that you are using this.

    Now I need to press the first letter of the preset name, to auto find it

    Are you saying something doesn’t work as you would like, or that this is a good feature that you like in this new version?

  3. Yes, it’s amazing to have a plugin and hardware ajuno at the same time.
    I was hoping audiorealism gave a xmas2020 voucher to get fully started, but 55 euro is not that much.

    Pressing the first letter is the way I do it now,
    but that’s a lot work, cause I need to remove .repatch and typ .syx too

    Maybe there will be a copyright issue about the presets
    but I guess, everybody want the original patch name for the .syx

    The dir is also always the desktop, and that’s also a little problem,
    I need to drag the .repatch files temporary to there ,not hitting the win desktop icons

    And maybe all the converted Redominator presets can be uploaded in the near future ?
    It’s a lot of work to convert all the default presets now but they are great to have them into the ajuno

    And I’m using always my own Amiga OS SynthCtrl Tool to dump Syx presets.

    It’s a listview that can dump sysex so I don’t need to open each syx file everytime with teh file requester
    It’s just cursor key Up and Down. It’s works like Sounddiver presets that are in a library view,
    very cool someone can code this easy feature too, cause my synthctrl needs Winuae and a full Amiga OS setup.


    Anyway,, veryc great and cool work you’re converter !!
    it’s Amazing !!

    Regards, StephenM

  4. Yes,, the ajuno MKS editor seems very cool

    I still needed to try en install it, because I have my own ajuno tweaked adaption for sounddiver

    and yes, I will check You’re gen syx dump editor,
    If you can scroll thru sysex presets with the cursor key’s, this would be great for others I guess,


  5. Well You’re free,,, I can’t enhance ctrlr panels and ctrlr code, it’s chinese for me

    Indeed without the mouse, or a mouse Up and Down button can work too off course

    It’s like scrolling thru wav/aiff samples like with sample player vst’s, like Phalanx and directwave
    Using the cursor keys Up an downw to scroll thru (syx) presets is very – very handy and super fast

    I never found a tool than can scroll thru syx presets,,
    it’s always open en load the syx file and several times the dir name is lost

    I can do that for years with SynthCtrl, and sounddiver can do it to,, very handy

  6. And after scrolling syx presets with the keyboard up & Down
    The next step is a search function in the patchname library and sort presets by catagerie

    Sounddiver could do that,,
    I can do that also with my SynthCtrl, but I”m gonna stop mentioning that,,

  7. OKey, I can do batch processing, all the presets in one dir converted in one click.
    My Mission is complete,, Patch name conversion is’t neccecary for my use.

    Okey, I will follow you’re updates,
    It’s so amazing to have an old retro synth that has a audio vst plugin and patch conversion tools

    I have bought a roland system-1 also for this purpose,,
    easy patch creating on the internet pc without anything to install or to patch
    and exporting the vst presets to the hardware synth for the real thing and to be free of high cpu use


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