Updated Methods to Reset Canon Printer

how to reset a canon printer

Users or people who use the printer face similar situations a lot of times, where they wish to reset their Canon printer, however, they aren’t sure of how to reset a Canon printer. Resetting the Canon printer could help you get the printer back to its normal operation and may even resolve numerous issues like the printer isn’t responding to printing, it’s slow and the printer has stopped working, and many others. This article can assist you to reset the Canon printer’s settings so that you will be able to resolve the issue.

Power Resetting of Canon Printer:

If you’d like to get your printer back to a normal state of operation, then all you have to do is go to your Canon printer. The steps below will provide instructions on the steps to set your printer back in a simple manner.

Step 1: The first step is to switch off your Canon printer, and then disconnect the plug out of the socket. In addition, from the printer, you should remove the Ethernet cord completely cut it off.

Step 2. After a couple of minutes, switch your printer on by plugging it into the power plug. Make sure to connect the Ethernet cable from your pack to the printer’s connection.

Step 3. Test the printer, printing only to determine if the issue is solved or not.

Resetting the ink to Canon Printer

The greatest thing about Canon’s Canon inkjet printer is its integrated special chip that you’ll be able to tell to replenish the cartridge with ink when it is empty or runs empty of ink with the aid the sound of an alarm. When you experience this kind of problem, it could disrupt your printing routine which is why you should change the cartridge to the one that is filled or refill the cartridge. Resetting the ink is an essential action to take in these circumstances. Here are the ways to restore your printer to its normal functioning.

Step 1. The first step is to take out the cartridge of ink that is inside the Canon printer.

Step 2. Examine the chip in the cartridge to determine if it can properly connect to the plate.

Step 3. After that, you can bring the cartridge back down and then hold it for a few moments. The LED light will begin to flash until the light is cool it’s just a matter of holding it.

Step 4. The next step you must do is remove the ink cartridge located on the chip resetter. Then, go through the process of setting the cartridge, whichever is required.

Step  5. Then you must install the cartridge to your printer.

Resetting of the hard drive from Canon printer

The Canon printer with a hard reset is the method of returning the printer to its factory default settings. For a reset on the printer, it is necessary to adhere to these instructions.

Step  1. In the Canon printer, you’ll be able to detect the button to stop. Simply hold it until the alarm goes off.

Step 2. Once the alarm starts, simply push the stop button. Release it only after it has flashed at least 19 times. Then, your Canon printer to its factory settings.

Step 3. To refresh the general capabilities of the printer You must first remove this device from your computer or laptop and then reinstall it.

you can reinstall and set up your Canon Printer by following the steps are recommended

The reset of your Canon Pixma printers

In this article, we will learn how to reset Canon Pixma printers into factory settings, and what to do to reset your printer’s cartridges of the Canon Pixma. Follow the steps below to get the complete details of the reset.

Set Canon Pixma printers into factory settings

Step 1: Start by turning on the turn-on printer and then go towards the screen of your computer. Press the start button, then select the search box.

Step 2. Look up “device settings” and then click OK.

Step 3. To start the process of reset you must select the option for resetting and select OK.

Step  4. Later to turn off your Canon Printer.

Step 5. Next step, press the button ‘Stop’ and then press the power button on the printer.

Step 6: After some time, release the stop button.

Step  7. Once you have done that, hold the Power button and double hit the ‘Stop’ key.

Step 8. After some time, the printer’s screen will display “O” on its display screen.

Step 9. The following step involves pressing the “Stop” button continuously 4 times and then pressing the “Power” button 2 times.

Step10:  The final step you must complete to finish the setting process is to hit the “Power” button to shut down the device.

Reset Pixma ink cartridge

Step 1: The first step is you must unplug the power cable from the printer as well as USB cables to reset the printer ink cartridge.

Step 2. Hold and press the “Power” buttons and on another side, you can open the ink cartridge’s door as well as the plug-in power cables, but without pressing buttons “Power” button.

Step 3. The final step is to close the cartridge’s door and finally release the “Power” button.

These are the most effective steps to reset your printer and the ink cartridge. This will also assist you with resolving different kinds of printer issues.

These are the steps you need to follow to reset the settings on your Canon printer. I hope you’ve found them helpful. If you have any issues regarding how to reset a canon printer, you can contact us via the comments.

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What Should I Do If My Canon Printer Isn’t Working?

factory reset canon printer

There are occasions that your Canon printer isn’t turning on. This issue is quite common with printers and usually solved by the user after performing a factory reset Canon printer. To solve the issue with this issue with a Canon printer that will not turn on, you have to find the cause. Sometimes, the cause could be as simple as the Power cord not being connected correctly to the printer, or the Power Outlet isn’t working. Therefore, before you leap to any conclusion, and then start thinking there’s something seriously wrong with your printer, you should look over these simple items. If, after having checked all these points and still you are unable to resolve the problem, you should try the basic troubleshooting techniques mentioned in this article.

The likelihood of the issue persisting after completing the basics of troubleshooting is not very likely but in the event that it does occur you should not be afraid of reaching out to our experts.

Why Does My Canon Printer Won’t Turn On

Before you reach any conclusion and then begin the troubleshooting procedures It is beneficial in figuring the reason why your Canon printer not turning on the issue. Below are the causes that could cause your Canon printer not to start.

  • The printer you are using is not connecting to the source of power correctly.
  • Your printer isn’t getting enough power.
  • The printer configuration is incorrect
  • Problem with printer’s adapter
  • Power cord damaged

There could be a variety of causes that could cause this Canon Printer won’t turn on issue. If you want to eliminate the issue, you can continue using the troubleshooting techniques described in the following article.

Steps to Fix Canon Printer Won’t Print Problem

Try each troubleshooting procedure one at a time until the printer will not switch on is fixed.

Verify that your Canon printer is on

Sometimes, if pressing the power button in a way that is too tight or when the button is held for more than a couple of seconds, the software for printing could stop the printer from switching on. The printer may not be able to turn on if your doors to access the printer are opened.

If that is the case, then disconnect all cables connected to your printer and then leave it as is for a few minutes. After about a minute, connect the cords and cables into the printer, and then turn the machine on. This will reset your printer’s machine and resolve any issue that may arise temporarily.

In certain printers, you can have a power button close to either the power cable or the control panel.

Look up the power codes

The power cord is the one responsible for connecting the printer’s main power source. If it isn’t connected, the printer will not have enough energy to operate and, consequently, you won’t have the ability to print anything. In this situation, you should verify the power cord. Check that it’s properly connected to the printer and with the power switch. Check to ensure that it isn’t damaged and functioning correctly. The power cord is damaged rarely, but it does happen, so it is important to test it. If it’s not functioning, take it to a repair shop immediately.

Verify that the configuration of your power source is correct.

The configuration of a printer is different based on the model or type of printer. Some printers are equipped with power cords that aren’t able to be removed, others have removable power cords that are easy to remove. Certain printers require an AC adapter to connect to the power outlet on the wall, while others do not.

Check the printer adapter

The last but not least, the printer adapter could cause a Canon printer not printing issues. Canon printers have two kinds of adaptors, one is an external AC adapter and an AC adapter built-in. If the printer has an integrated AC adapter the power cord may not be easily removed. Simply plug the power cord into the outlet on the wall in order to start the printer. If this doesn’t bring your printer to life, you need to examine the code for wear and wear and tear. If there is no solution, attempt replacing your power cable using a different and test if that is working. A similar procedure is applicable for an external AC adapter, and check if it works.

After you’ve attempted all of the above strategies, you will need to restart your printer to check whether it’s printing correctly.


We hope that after using the steps above, you’ll be able to solve your Canon printer issue which isn’t working. If you’re not able to turn on your printer or encounter any other issues, take a look at contact our Tech Support experts for further assistance

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