Shopify eCommerce- 5 Creative Ways to Combat Digital Retail Competition

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Today’s retail industry is in its full swing and holds immense opportunities for aspiring retailers in the digital world. Overall retail websites are increasing in number. As a result, to stand ahead of the curb in the online marketplace, creating a personalized solution with the assistance of a Shopify development agency is crucial.

Many of us constantly hustle to overcome the challenges of this industry. To address this concern, here I have curated a list of five creative ways to combat digital retail competition.

1. Social Selling

Getting social proof is the most influential asset in today’s digital retail. It doesn’t only allow you to promote services but also to gain users’ trust. It easily facilitates the process of converting individuals to visitors, visitors to consumers. This platform holds the potential to become even more powerful as you continue to grow. Though it is quite easy to use, still you need to follow some fundamental marketing principles while influencing users and driving sales. Try to get help from social influencers and stream optimized social media posts while sharing useful and compelling content.

2. Offer Free Samples

Setting up a Shopify store is an easy process for tech-savvy individuals. Even if you are not one of them, you can easily ask any Shopify development agency to set up a digital shop for you. However, it is only up to you who can Free is a word that is an attraction in itself. Try to blend it with your online services or products. For instance, if you are dealing in cosmetics, you can offer some free samples of a little quantity of product (say moisturizer) to a user already purchasing from you. This way you are making your customers feel special and also, promoting your other products as well.

3. Go Mobile

Mobile technology is full of a myriad of growth opportunities. As consumers tend to spend a major portion of their time with smartphones. Mobile app development is a rapidly growing segment of the global mobile market. As there are more mobile users than desktops, it has become crucial for any digital vendor to own a mobile-friendly website or a mobile app. In addition to an easy and convenient approach, it also allows you to use device built-in features to enhance the default offerings.

4. Listen to your audience

Talking about UX, it is not limited to offering a simplified checkout on Shopify store or responsive & pixel-perfect web interface provided by Shopify theme development agency. Indeed, it involves maintaining a healthy relationship with your consumers. Customer is the king of the digital world and should be treated like one always. Today’s consumers are quite filthy in terms of options to choose from. You can never be alone to sell in a specific industry. There will be a lot of other retailers involved. So, you need to be tactful while beating the competition. Try to serve your customers with the best in terms of support, products, and handling their queries.

Don’t just focus on the existing customers. Help the visitors as well with their concerns via a Live Chat etc.
Take the help of technology like AI-powered tools, Reach out to customers’ comfort zone (if they send you an email, try to address via the same medium instead of crushing them with phone calls or messages), and follow a Proactive approach.

5. Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment is the process of inventory storage, collecting, and packing products and finally shipping online placed orders to customers’ delivery addresses. With exploding competition, it has become essential for retailers to look for alternate ways to offer the best of product deliveries on time and cost-effectively.

Choosing a speedy delivery of your products is very important for any kind of digital vendor. A modern and cloud-based approach to the whole order fulfillment process is a must.

Wrapping Up

Having a competitive strategy is important to run an online Shopify store. Though there is no specific rule for its success, still you can make your roots stronger with the help of the above-mentioned tips.

Enable and use QuickBooks Messenger

Disable QuickBooks Messenger

QuickBooks Messenger is available when you’re utilizing QuickBooks Desktop in multi-client mode. The QuickBooks Messenger apparatus permits you to convey between employees logged into QuickBooks company record. Besides, with this messenger, the employees can examine any significant information identified with QB company data. Further, in the event that you need to utilize QB Desktop in single-client mode, debilitate QuickBooks Messenger by going to the utility segment.

Enable QuickBooks Messenger

QuickBooks Messenger consequently begins when you sign into QB Desktop. Essentially sign into your record and double-click on the symbol to dispatch the messenger. Notwithstanding, you can likewise go to the Company file and click on the choice “Chat with a Co-specialist”.

QuickBooks Messenger Chat

  • The initial step is to select the QuickBooks chat alternative to start a conversation with the other client.
  • You can likewise select a chat alternative from the notices window, you get informed when the other client is logged in.
  • The Admin can chat with different users by selecting Send Message to Logged In Users from the Actions

Change the Available Status

You can change your online available status (in the event that you need to show occupied or whatever else to different clients). Go to your username drop-down, pick the status reasonable for you.

Steps to Disable QuickBooks Messenger

If you don’t want to use the Disable QuickBooks messenger, follow the steps given below to disable the tool:

  • First of all, open QuickBooks from your system.
  • Now, select Switch to Multi-User Mode.
  • You have to sign in as an Admin.
  • After that, go to File Menu and click on Utilities.
  • Click on Disable Messenger.
  • Finally, log out of the company file and sign in again to check whether the chat is disabled.

Close Company File for Other Users

Follow the steps mentioned below to Close QuickBooks for other users:

  • Firstly, you have to open QB Messenger
  • Now, click on Chat with a Coworker.
  • From the Actions drop-down, click on Close Company File for Users.
  • Next, choose the users you want to restrict from accessing QuickBooks File.
  • Select Close Company File option.
  • A confirmation window will appear. Click on Yes.

Need Further Advice?

Here the article about Disable QuickBooks messenger finishes! Ideally, it is helpful for you to get mindfulness about the best option of QuickBooks for sending Messages on-spot while working. On the off chance that you have any confusion in regards to utilizing QB messenger or some other option, An accomplished group is staying there, devote attempting to give you an appropriate resolution on time. On the off chance that you can’t call through phone number, utilize a live visit option to pose inquiries or send an email with your concerns. The group will hit you up quickly.

Download Windows 10 ISO 64 bit with Crack Full Version


Windows 10 Download ISO 64 Bit with Crack Full Version is freely available with a direct download link here in Full suite. In this, ISO bundle, there are Windows 10 all editions which mostly required for our 32bit & 64bit systems.

Windows 10 ISO is an entirely safe & secure windows collection, which is faster than torrent download, and the user must have to download it for their PC. This software is an excellent collection of Windows 10 OS (All Editions), which is released by Microsoft.

In the event that you need to download Windows 10 ISO Free picture, this is the extraordinary spot for this guide. I’ll show you the most ideal approach to get Windows 10. I will likewise show you a few methods you can use to consume this ISO picture to a USB drive. All things being equal, I will likewise show you how to enact Windows 10 following installation.

Windows 10 ISO Free Download Highly Compressed image file

Windows 10 Download ISO pictures are accessible for download for everybody. Microsoft makes the ISO documents accessible so the clients can download and clean install/upgrade Windows with no issues. Microsoft gives numerous approaches to download and install the most recent version of Windows. We will examine a portion of the routes exhaustively in this article.

In the present guide, I will disclose to you the most ideal approach to Download Windows 10 ISO picture document Free. Rather than this, I will impart to you some most valuable devices which can be useful to consume the ISO record into USB Drive. Peruse this article totally so you don’t miss any progression else you will commit an error that may hurt your computer or work force record.

Windows 10 Activation Key Features

To begin with, how about we examine the features of Windows 10, the last version of Windows. On the off chance that you are new to Windows 10, check this rundown to perceive how valuable Windows is. As you most likely are aware, Microsoft proprietor Bill Gates as of late declared that he won’t upgrade to Windows 7. This implies that Windows 7 won’t be with us until 2020.

For this situation, a great many people move to this last version of Windows. Windows 10 has every one of the features that were absent from past Windows 7 or 8. They have brought the two versions of these features together and made them last, which means you will not perceive some other Windows.

Alright, we should discuss the cool and intriguing features of this most recent operating system:

Windows 10 Download ISO 64 Bit with Crack Full Version

Windows 10 ISO Crack would allow the client to pick among numerous Windows 10 versions directly from the ISO Files boot menu. Presently the arrangement of that particular version would run with no trouble. In any case, every one of the most recent laptops, like Acer, Lenovo, Sony, Vaio, HP, Dell, Asus, and Samsung are pre-stacked with Windows 10. On the off chance that the client needs to reinstall, need to test another release or required drivers, this group would give them. New PC clients would search for an operating system to perform fundamental capacities advantageously and securely, so Microsoft has invested singular amounts of energy to augment the client experience by dispatching various releases for this incredibly best platform for Windows aficionados.

Windows 10 is the most straightforward and effortless of all windows until the present time. It is a mix and update of Windows 7 and 8 for certain altogether most recent features that are incredible in addition to simple to deal with. The new clients could never need to leave this Windows. Windows 10 ISO can run on PC as well as on cell phones, tablets, Surface Hub, Holo focal point, implanted systems, Xbox One. For a useful and a smooth survey, I would disclose to you that this version has been reexamined overall, while in the majority of the spots you would understand some old element. In any case, the standard, worn out features have given another touch.

Cortana on your desktop

It is safe to say that you are the principle individual? Around there, these features are only for you. Cortana is the name of a voice assistant who works with your voice orders. It works actually like Google Voice Assistant or Amazon Assistant. Presently a laptop or computer is a lot simpler to use than before.

Xbox app

Do you get a kick out of the chance to play? At that point let me acquaint you with this stunning Xbox app that allows you to play Xbox games directly on your computer. Microsoft has delivered Direct X 10 and improved illustrations quality and performance so you can appreciate the continuous experience. Despite the fact that it has a Xbox DVR highlight that allows you to record games for 30 seconds. Around there, you’ll never lose a startling match dominate and show it to your companions. You can likewise take a screen capture straightforwardly from your Xbox DVR. So quit educating us concerning these outsider apps.

Start menu

I trust you, as me, don’t care for the Windows 8 Start menu. For this situation, fortunately Microsoft has recently supplanted this full-screen Start menu with a recent fad. At the point when you open the Start menu, you can discover as of late installed applications in the last menu. You can likewise add Quick Launch applications that you can make on the right. In the left menu, you can add speedy activities to moment access, including settings, my computer, my archives, and the sky is the limit from there.


Need speedy admittance to all your open apps? That is the most ideal approach to do this. The better than ever multitasking highlight allows you to see all open applications without a moment’s delay. Utilize this app to rapidly bounce starting with one app then onto the next. It very well may be set on the Start menu so you can click it to see all applications running behind the scenes.

Tablet switch

Do you claim a tablet? Not comfortable utilizing Windows? For this situation, there is a component you can use to make it simpler. This new tablet highlight allows you to transform your Windows format into a basic UI to make you comfortable utilizing it. They have made numerous upgrades to the most recent update, which is more steady than before.

Microsoft Store

Perhaps the best component I like about Windows 10 Pro is this most recent and generally modern Microsoft Store. You can likewise discover all apps and games in this store. You would now be able to install Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, and other web-based media applications directly on your computer. Presently you needn’t bother with blues blocks or some other emulator to run Android apps on your computer.

A step-by-Step guide to download and install Windows 10 in 2021

Up until now, Windows 10 has gotten positive reactions from technical groups. In any case, Microsoft authoritatively ended the dispersion of Windows 10 for free. Indeed, you can snatch a free duplicate of the Windows 10 ISO document from the web, however that will not get any future updates; on the off chance that you are keen on getting a free duplicate of the Windows 10 operating system, keeping perusing the article.

Technical Specifications for Windows 10

Name of the software: Windows 10 Technical overview available in 32 bit and 64-bit versions with English mainstream language.

  • Type of Setup: Offline Installer/Full Standalone Setup:
  • Compatibility Architecture: 32Bit(x86)/64 Bit(x64)
  • License: Free
  • Developers: Microsoft

Minimum System Requirements For Windows 10:

  • OS To upgrade:- You will need Service Pack 1 (SP1) Of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1( Windows installed must be a genuine one; otherwise, no update will avail you).
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster processor or SoC (System on a chip). 64-bit versions of Windows 10 require a processor that supports CMPXCHG16b, PrefetchW, and LAHF/SAHF capabilities.
  • RAM: At least 1 GB for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit
  • Physical Memory (Hard Disk Space): 16 GB for 32-bit or 20 GB for 64-bit
  • Graphics: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver.
  • Display or Resolution: 1024 x 600.
  • Touch: For multi-touch support tablets or Windows devices.
  • Microsoft account: Required for some features.
  • Cortana support: Only supported in the United States, United Kingdom, China, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain.
  • Windows Hello Face Recognition: an Infrared camera for facial recognition or iris detection, or a fingerprint reader which supports the Window Biometric Framework.
  • Media streaming:  Xbox Music and Xbox Video streaming capabilities available only in certain regions.
  • Compatible kernel-mode drivers.
  • Device encryption: InstantGo and TPM 2.0.
  • BitLocker: Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2, TPM 2.0, or a USB flash drive.
  • Wi-Fi Direct Printing: Supported Wifi Router to access services

Download Windows 10 ISO File

Along these lines, in the wake of perusing the features of Windows 10 you should be interested about the Windows 10 Download ISO. On the off chance that indeed, your stand by is over as I will reveal to you how you can download Windows 10 ISO picture record from Microsoft absolutely free. There are two methods to download the ISO picture document of Windows 10.

The principal technique required the Microsoft Media Creation instrument while in another strategy you are not needed to have that apparatus. You can straightforwardly download through the Internet Download Manager at fast.

In the first place, we will examine the Media Creation technique:

Windows 10 Download ISO With Media Creation Tool

  • First of all, you will need to open this link and download the Media Creation Tool.
  • After downloading the tool now open the location where you downloaded it and right-click on its icon and click Run as Administrator.
  • When you open the program it will then ask you to read the license agreement, so you just need to click on accept and you will see two options there. The first option will create installation media for other pc, the second is download ISO image.
  • Note: If you want to directly burn the ISO image into your USB Drive then choose the Create Installation Media. Otherwise, you can download the ISO image to burn it later.
  • So, I will choose the Create Installation Media and then click on the Next button located right side below.
  • After clicking on next it will then ask you to choose the language in which you want to download the ISO. Choose your desired language and then again click on the Next button.
  • Now from here, it will ask you to connect the USB drive. You then need USB flash drive which must be 8GB or above and then again click on next. It will then start downloading Windows 10 ISO file in your computer and then it will automatically burn into your USB drive.
  • Note: Please make sure to back up your files from USB Flash drive as this process will format your USB pen drive.
  • Wait until the download completes and then you will get the bootable USB drive. It is now ready to use and you are now able to install Windows 10 from your USB Pen Drive.

Minimum System Requirements

If you don’t know the requirements for Windows 10 ISO download? then read out this list before trying to install on your computer/laptop.

  • Processor: 1 Gigahertz (GHz) or Faster Processor or SoC.
  • RAM: 1 Gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit.
  • Hard Disk: 16 GB for 32-bit OS 20 GB for 64-bit OS.
  • Graphics Card: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver.
  • Screen Resolution: 800×600

Pros and Cons

Here is my sincere belief on this new Windows 10 ISO download. You can likewise mention to me what you like or aversion the most about this version of the Windows operating system.


  • Supports Directx 12
  • Better User Interface when contrasted with the more established versions
  • It is practically equivalent to Windows 7 (for Windows 7 sweethearts)
  • Improved and Enhanced Security
  • A Built in Windows Defender (Antivirus)
  • Cortana your own Assistant.

These are some best features which I love about Windows 10 however as you realize that everything has its dark side. In this way, we should now discuss the cons which I disdain the most about Windows 10.


  • A ton of superfluous applications running on Background
  • Such a large number of bloatware (which take your storage)
  • In the event that you search something in Cortana, you will be forced to utilize the Bing web search tool (I disdain this web crawler) in their Microsoft Edge.
  • A lot consent while you are changing the default application.

These are a few cons about the Windows 10, you can likewise reveal to me which thing you disdain about Windows 10 in the remark area. In this manner individuals will know about the thing they will utilize and what issues will they face.

Make Windows 10 Bootable USB From ISO

In this way, in the event that you have quite recently downloaded the ISO picture record from another site or even from Media Creation Tool. At that point you simply need to follow these means to make a bootable USB drive utilizing ISO picture record. Follow the means underneath cautiously else you may harm your USB drive.

Alright, how about we move to the means:

  1. Most importantly, you need to download the Rufus instrument from this connection Download Rufus Tool. It is a free device that is extremely useful in making the bootable drive.
  2. This device doesn’t need the installation so you can essentially double tap on it just after it downloaded.
  3. After you open the Rufus device now you need to associate the USB streak drive into your pc/laptop. Kindly ensure it has a limit of 8GB or above.
  4. Presently you will see an excessive number of choices in the Rufus device window. Try not to contact others rather than those which I am advising you. You need to change the DDos into the ISO picture document which can be situated close to the DVD symbol.
  5. In the wake of picking ISO picture you will at that point need to tap on that DVD symbol and it will open another window. In this window, you need to choose the ISO picture document which you have downloaded from the Media Creation Tool.
  6. While picking the ISO picture simply click on open and it will stack in the Rufus. Presently leave everything and simply click on Start, you will at that point see an admonition message simply click on Ok.

Release Info of Windows 10 ISO Crack Full Version

    Title: Windows10 Download ISO 64 Bit with Crack Full Version

  • Developer: Microsoft
  • License: Freeware
  • Language: English

How to install Microsoft Windows 10 ISO Crack Full Version?

  • Open Windows 10 ISO Crack Full Version file after downloading it.
  • Open the readme file.
  • Now, follow the instructions in the file.
  • Finalize the installation of the software.
  • Enjoy Windows 10 

Long Loading Time when VST used in a session

Hi, I have a template with 4 CTLR Vst instances controlling different hardware in Cubase 10 on windows 10.

Everythings seems ok except that every sessions with those 4 instances can take take up to 2-3 min of loading time. The same session without those instances loads in 15s…. I noticed that when this happens this service/process gets called and uses high CPU resources:  Usermode Font Driver Host.

Any ideas?

Thank you 🙂

uiCombo setModulatorValue is sending to MIDI-Out

Hello ctrlr universe!

this post relates to a question, that has bin posted a while ago here:

setModulatorValue is sending to MIDI-Out

I’m having the same problem with uiCombos (doesn’t happen with uiSliders) sending out MIDI, when beeing value set via LUA-script (using CTRLR standalone MAC 5.3.163).

While manually MIDI pausing the panel works (uiCombos don’t send out any MIDI) using the suggested:

disable during incoming sysex
after sysex messages reenable:

doesn’t work for me. It compiles fine and all but doesn’t mute those uiCombos.

It happens when ctrlr panel recieves sysex from the synth, containing a program. It does mute uiSliders, though.

Edit: The uiCombi is within a group panel, which itself resides in a tab pane.

Maybe this is a timing issue? Could I use simple while loops then?

Any help appreciated,


Roland Aira TR-8 Rhythm Performer – “Midi Editor “

The “TR-8 EFX.Remote” Midi -Editor for the Drum Synth Roland Aira TR-8 Rhythem Performer.
By using the Editor you can adjust the TR-8 Controller  and change them when you play in studio or live.

– Control the TR-8 from PC / MAC
– VST, AU and Standalone version
– Assign and record slider movements in a DAW like Ableton Live.
– Easy access to the Scatter type and Drum Kit
– Drum-Pads
– X-Y Pads for effective operation

Info and Dowload:

TR-8 EFX.Remote

Modulatur Value doesn’t change

Need some help!

I created an uislider. The modulator is dynamic and numeric. Moving the slider doesn’t change anything. The value stays 0!!! What is the mistake?

I use Revision = 1454, Build date = 2013-06-07 23:28:43, Branch = Nightly, Juce = 2.1.1, Boost = 1.52.0, Lua = 5.1.4