MFB – SynthLite 2

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A simple editor for the Synth Lite 2 synth by the german synth company MFB. It uses CC pairs a special format of MIDI messages, they’re used to gain more resolution. Size: Downloads:

Roland – Juno-106

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A simple panel for Roland Juno 106. It does not handle program dumps but editing should work in both directions. Uses SysEx. Size: Downloads:

DEMO – Panels

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This is a placeholder for all the DEMO panels included in the Ctrlr installation. Those panels showcase some of the features in Ctrlr. Since we often reference them in the forums i thought i’d put them here with a link to the always current version of them (they’re store in a SVN repository so whenever… Read more »

Getting started

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Here i’ll try to explain how to get started with Ctrlr. What’s what, how Ctrlr is built I’ll be using Ctrlr in Standalone mode. What does it mean ? Well if you downloaded Ctrlr there are 2 ways you can run it. – Standalone, this means you start Ctrlr as any other program in your… Read more »

Mouse cursor fix

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This is a simple Lua method for panels that have a broken mouse cursor for some or all components. The mouse cursor disappears when mouse is over it. Just paste this method to the console and run it (that means, paste this code, press enter, this will compile the code, then remove the input from… Read more »

Expressions in Ctrlr

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Expression are used to calculate values that Ctrlr sends to the device, and when they return in form of MIDI messages. To understand expressions we first need to know 2 things: 1. Modulator lifetime 2. Expressions overview 3. Expression functions 1. Modulator lifetime. The lifetime of a modulator, when we look at it as an… Read more »

Yamaha TX81Z

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This is the Yamaha TX81Z panel, with graphics by Lime. It can edit all parameters available in TX81Z (except Reverb Amount, can’t find what sysex it uses in the MIDI specs). This is a bugfix release that should work with the latest Ctrlr binary (some SysEx tokens were changed from “XX” to “xx” yes SysEx… Read more »