Control any MIDI enabled hardware: synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, effects. Create custom User Interfaces. Host them as VST or AU plugins in your favorite DAWs.

Cross Platform

Works on Windows (XP and up, both 64 and 32bit binaries are available), MAC OSX (10.5 and up), Linux (any modern distro should run it).

Host in your DAW

Each platform has a VST build of Ctrlr so you can host your panels as normal VST plugins, for the OSX a special AU build is available.


Each Panel can be customized by the user, the panels are XML files, every panel can be Edited in Ctrlr to suite your specific needs.

Open Source

Need special functionality or want to propose a patch/feature update, know a bit about C++/JUCE framework etc. You can always download the source code and build Ctrlr by yourself.


With the scripting possibilities inside Ctrlr you can extend you panels in various ways. The LUA scripting language gives you access to all panels elements and hooks to various events.

Latest Panels

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