For the list of old panels go to:

Yamaha Reface DX, CS, CP, and YC by m.tarenskeen - 01-22-2018

Yamaha Reface DX, CS, CP, and YC editor/librarian panels   Features:  Edit Voice and System parameters  Save *.syx to disk  Load *.syx from disk  Send SysEx bulk of all parameters to MIDI from Panel  Receive SysEx bulk

Roland SE-02 editor/panel by maniek - 01-15-2018

Simple panel for the Roland SE-02     My first panel. It's for Roland SE-02. Comments, help, suggestion are welcome, Thanks. To do: -load prestes from/to panel -load prestets from disk -load current knobs/switches

Roland VR09 / VR730 V-Combo Editor v1.12 (Windows, Mac OSX) by higgy - 12-28-2017

Panel Editor for Roland VR09 and VR730 V-Combo stage organs UPDATE: 11th. Feb 2018:  hotfix for upg-editor + feature update v 1.12 (5)  ready for download (see below) youtube video tutorial : Roland V-Combo VR09 VR730 EDITOR app for Windows,

Isomorphic Keyboard by Possemo - 12-21-2017

This is an isomorphic keyboard for Windows based devices with touchscreen. I made it for my Microsoft Surface Book but it should work with any Windows based touchscreen device. I didn't knew for a long time that Ctrlr has multitouch capability.

Korg MicroKorg XL and XL+ "MIDI EDITOR / REMOTE"/ CONTROLLER by momo - 11-19-2017

  The KORG "MicroKorg XL and XL+ Midi Editor" is the first VST- PlugIn Editor /Controller for the Korg Synths "MicroKorg XL" and "MicroKorg XL+" . It`s a Remote and Sound Editor.   It provides a simple access to all

Novation Circuit "MIDI EDITOR / REMOTE/ CONTROLLER" by momo - 11-19-2017

    The "Circuit Midi Editor" is a VST / Standalone - GUI for the Novation Groovebox "Circuit". It is perfect to integrate the Circuit into your DAW. You can control and mixing the Sessions, change and create new sounds "on

Roland "SH-01A" Controller / Editor by momo - 11-17-2017

The "SH-01A Midi Controller / Editor". The controller for the  Roland Boutique Synth SH-01A. It is possible as VST and Standalone for PC 32/64 Bit and Mac as VST, AU and Standalone. The „SH-01A“ parameters can be automated, they can be

Korg MicroKorg "MIDI EDITOR / REMOTE"/ CONTROLLER by momo - 11-17-2017

  Hi, my KORG "MicroKorg Midi Editor" is the first VST- PlugIn Editor /Controller for the legendary Synth "MicroKorg" . It`s a Remote and Sound Editor.   It provides a simple access to all important parameters! It is

Korg MiniLogue "MIDI EDITOR / REMOTE"/ CONTROLLER by momo - 11-17-2017

My KORG "MiniLogue Midi Editor" is a Midi Editor /Controller for the popular Synth "MiniLogue" . It`s a Remote and Sound Editor.   It provides a simple access to all important parameters.   The Plug-In allows you to

Roland JD-990 Super Editor by dnaldoog - 10-13-2017

An Editor for the Roland JD-990. Includes full drop-down menu access to to the SR-JV80-04 Expansion card patches and waveforms if installed. Selected SR-JV80-04 patches for JV Series and JD series are loaded into Patch Mode/Temporary

Korg 05R/W editor by mdeca - 09-26-2017

This is an editor for the Korg 05R/W. Almost all the editable parameters are supported, as well as load/save of sounds from/to sys dumps. It is released under GPLv3. Downloads:

Yamaha TG33 Panel by Paul Scheidt - 09-21-2017

This is a Ctrlr panel for the Yamaha TG33 synthesizer module, which is a simple Single Voice edit buffer editor. By edit buffer editor, I mean that this panel has no "save" or "library" features, so you still need to save your edits the

Eventide Orville Panel by benc812 - 09-14-2017

Panel for the Eventide Orville. Hey everyone, as a first test run using Ctrlr, I just created a quick and dirty panel to perform remote key presses for my Eventide Orville. Please note that the buttons are transparent;

Soulsby mini Atmegatron and Odytron Panel by qwerty1234 - 05-04-2017

This panel is for the Soulsby mini Atmegatron   and the mini

Hughes & Kettner - GrandMeister Desktop Remote by fredo - 02-25-2017

An editor for the Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister 36 and GrandMeister Deluxe 40 guitar amps. Here is a new version for this editor (v2.5.2) with full support for GrandMeister Deluxe 40. Once started the Editor will try to connect to the Amp

Quasimidi Polymorph by bloodykot - 02-13-2017

My Control Panel for Quasimidi Polymorph. Panel can manage synth's parts and sequences. Controling part is mostly bidirectional  becouse use CC. "Sync All" button read current patch. Global midi channel on Polymorph

GrooveBox Editor for Roland MC-505, MC-307, JX-305 and D2 by dasfaker - 02-07-2017

GrooveBox Editor Beta– Standalone and VST Editor for Roland MC-505, Roland MC-307, Roland JX-305 and Roland D2 series synthesizers Multitimbral Midi Editor for Roland MC-505, MC-307, JX-305 and D2 Groove synthesizers. Complete control of all your

Six-Trak by Possemo - 02-04-2017

Editor / Librarian for the Sequential Six-Trak This panel now has to be requested. If you want a copy write an email to roet32(at) Give a short explanation why you want this panel. If you think writing an email is too much work I

Futuresonus Parva by cube48 - 01-28-2017

  Futuresonus Parva panel covers all available MIDI CC's according to official documentation (as of 28.1.2017). Don't forget to save your patches manually on your Parva 😉 Let me know if you find any bugs, I've tested it just

Prophet 6 editor by saulclap - 12-13-2016

NRPN-based editor for Prophet 6 Supports all parameters except the sequencer. Can only send/receive/save single patches. Can load sysex files with multiple patches. In the Globals section on the device, set "Param Xmit" and "Param Rcv" to "nr"

Roland TR-09 Midi Editor Controller by momo - 12-12-2016

This is my TR-09 Midi Editor. The controller for the  Roland Boutique TR-09 Rhythm Composer. It is possible as VST and Standalone for PC 32/64 Bit and Mac as VST, AU and Standalone. The „TR-09“ parameters can be automated, they can be stored

Korg minilogue by covux - 11-20-2016

This is a panel for the Korg minilogue polyphonic analog synthesizer. All CCs are implemented. Current program can be requested from synth, is stored to panel state and can be send back to the device. This works only with MIDI-to-USB drivers.

Vintage Revolution PedalPro Ex MIDI (v0.1) by obiwanjacobi - 11-19-2016

This is a Panel for the Vintage Revolution PedalPro Ex edition – a analogue guitar effects processor. All the implemented MIDI controllers are now available on one screen. This was made by Jacob Korn based on the PedalPro v0.1 Panel by Marc

by josematou - 11-15-2016

Here my panel for the Crumar bit.   You can only create preset, not modify existing preset of your Crumar bit. Set the midi channel output properly in ctrlr and on your hardware and everything should work fine. Be aware that the

ROLAND BOUTIQUE JX-03 "MIDI EDITOR / Controller /REMOTE" by momo - 11-14-2016

  Here is my new Roland Boutique Midi Editor. The controller for the Synthesizer Roland Boutique JX-03. It is possible as VST and Standalone for PC 32/64 Bit and Mac as VST, AU and Standalone. The „JX-03“ parameters can be

Roland Boutique Synth JP-08 , Midi Editor / Remote by momo - 11-01-2016

Here is my second Roland Boutique Midi Editor. The Remote for the Synthesizer Roland Boutique JP-08. It is possible as VST and Standalone for PC 32/64 Bit and Mac as VST, AU and Standalone. The „JP-08“ parameters can be automated, they can

Roland MKS-7 Editor by Truman K. - 10-21-2016

I recently purchased a Roland MKS-7. Despite the fact that it is a Juno-106 and TR-707 in a box, it is not as popular as other modules. It's simply because this is only a preset machine, you can only use the preset

Novation Circuit Editor by arcangeli - 09-29-2016

Novation Circuit Editor.   Features: Synth 1 & 2 colored selector. All Synth parameters available. Modulation matrix. Macro knobs. Actually, it lack some important features if you compare it with the official one like

Roland Boutique Synth JU-06 , Midi Editor / Remote by momo - 09-08-2016

Hi, here is my new Midi Editor / Remote for the Synthesizer Roland Boutique JU-06. It is possible as VST and Standalone for PC 32/64 Bit and Mac as VST and Standalone. The „JU-06“ parameters can be automated, they can be stored in your

DSI Pro 2 editor and librarian by goodweather - 08-30-2016

Editor and librarian for the DSI Pro 2 synth v1.4 2018-01-01 Features: Pro2 interface with similar look as actual synthesizer Parameters grouped in different tabs Information about the meaning of each parameter (extract from the

Matrix-6 by Possemo - 08-28-2016

This is a panel for the Matrix-6. I cannot fully test it as I have no Matrix-6 (just a Matrix-1000).I am grateful that "Symphonicsamples" is helping me fixing bugs but just one betatester is a bit sparse, so use at your own risk. Before you try

Plain editor panel for Roland MKS-50 by Naturligasteg - 08-12-2016

If you have an Roland MKS-50 like I do, you may want to stop dive in menus. There is a dedicated editor for it, but I just can not get that to work with Windows10. So I just found CTRLR and made a panel today. I assume it could be done a whole

Matrix1000 by Possemo - 07-30-2016

Editor / Librarian for the Oberheim Matrix-1000 It should work on any Matrix-1000 but I strongly recommend you to upgrade to firmware v1.20 from Bob Grieb or v1.16 from GliGli. I am using v1.20 which is an awesome upgrade for the

VR-09 Combo editor by mdeca - 07-27-2016

This is a control panel for the Roland VR09-Combo keyboard, similar to the proprietary iPad-only app. It is still a work in progress most of the functionalities are there. It's my first panel; constructive criticism is welcome. Supports

Peavey Spectrum Synth Editor by lfo2vco - 05-02-2016

A panel for the Peavey Spectrum Synth, a 1U multi-timbral rack unit. This panel uses Sysex commands to control the synthesizer parameters on Spectrum Synths running version 1.2.4 firmware. All patch parameters are accessible, however existing

SnowED by dasfaker - 04-13-2016

SnowED - Standalone, VST & AU Editor for Virus TI Snow Multitimbral Midi Editor for the Virus TI Snow. Finally it's possible to control the four parts available in Sequencer Mode simultaneously. Non Snow users: You can use SnowED with

SLIM'XTC V.1.0 - Panel for Moog Slim Phatty by Carl Licroy - 04-08-2016

Panel for Moog Slim Phatty. Use midi CC and Sysex. Fully bidirectionnal. Patches can be saved and loaded to/from disk (.syx). Banks (.syx) can be loaded and sended to synth. Enjoy!    

Moog Source by Possemo - 04-03-2016

This is a panel for the Moog Source with Encore MIDI retrofit called "SMK". I made the panel for my Source with the newest Encore firmware v4.11. You need at least v4.09 in order to use all features of this Ctrlr panel. Encore Software

Akai SG01v panel by mutenfuzz - 04-02-2016

A simple editor for the Akai SG01v sound module. Fairly simple box with surprisingly good sounds. This is my first attempt at panel programming, so any suggestions will be welcome. Happy tweaking!   .   [ddownload id="68811"

JOX'3P V.2.0 - Editor for Roland JX3P with Organix MIDI Expansion Kit by Carl Licroy - 03-30-2016

Editor for Roland JX3P with Organix Midi Expansion Kit ( Use only CC (Organix update does not support Sysex). Patches can be saved and loaded to/from disk (.syx). Enjoy!

Roland Aira TR-8 Rhythm Performer - "Midi Editor " by momo - 02-08-2016 The "TR-8 EFX.Remote" Midi -Editor for the Drum Synth Roland Aira TR-8 Rhythem Performer. By using the Editor you can adjust the TR-8 Controller  and change them when you play in studio or

Roland Aira Bassline TB-3 Midi Editor "Classic Plus" by momo - 02-08-2016   The TB-3 has much more sounds than is visible on the surface. After 1.1 Update you can use the TB-3 EFX.Remote Midi Editor "Classic Plus" a Midi software editor for PC/Mac/iOS. You can make changes to the

Oto Machines - Der OTO by cube48 - 02-07-2016

  Ctrlr panel for Der OTO - an alternative mode of OTO Biscuit by Oto Machines. Gives access to all MIDI CC controllable parameters of Der OTO monosynth. Have fun!   # of downloads:

Kawai K3m Panel by Thrax - 02-07-2016

Editor for Kawai K3 and K3m synthesizers including the ability to create the additive wave. The synth must have protect set to off to use the wave generator and mono mode as these send sysex to write data to the synth. At the moment this is

Tasty Chips - Saw Bench by cube48 - 02-05-2016

  Control panel for Tasty Chips SAWBENCH, 1 OSC analog mono synth (also availabe as DIY kit). Cutoff and Resonance are unfortunately not MIDI controllable. Cutoff can be partially emulated by filter

JAX'8P V.2.1.0 - Editor for Roland JX8P by Carl Licroy - 01-30-2016

Editor for Roland JX8P. Use Sysex. Patches can be saved and loaded to/from disk (.syx).   New in V.2.1.0 : – GUI improvement (more compact interface) ; – Graphics added for enveloppes ; – Disk Patch browser added for easiest

Emu Proteus/2 by pascalc - 01-25-2016

Editor for the Emu Proteus/2 module. Early version so please test and give feedback.   Features: * Loading/saving of banks to/from synth * Loading/saving of banks to/from file * Edit patch names * All parameters should be

Behringer Modulizer Pro by pascalc - 01-25-2016

First version of the Behringer Modulizer Pro editor Uses MIDI CC messages The user can load and save patches as midi files to/from disk # downloads:

Yamaha FS1R by ludolov - 01-21-2016

As a lucky owner of several FS1R, I decided to create a vst plugins to control them within my sequencers (Reaper and Live) This simple panel allows you to manage the main features of the FS1R. It is not perfect and far from being complete and I

Yamaha DX7 v1.0 panel by SWB - 01-21-2016

Proud to present this DX7 panel as a result of successful co-operation with forum member pascalc, who has done the Lua programming! This panel is mainly based on the TX7 panel, but due to some differences between the two devices a special DX7 panel

Yamaha TX7 v1.0 panel by SWB - 01-21-2016

Proud to present the next incarnation of the TX7 panel as a result of successful co-operation with forum member pascalc, who has done the Lua programming! Now you can load and save voice banks and individual voices from your computer or straight

POWER'08 V.3 - Editor for DSI Prophet'08 by Carl Licroy - 01-19-2016

Editor for DSI Prophet'08. Use sysex. Created to ease sound designing and get the most power of your Prophet'08 : - All functions implemented (included sequencer) - Always see both layer A + B - Receive/Write patches and banks from/to

Pianoteq Touch Panel by amagnolo - 01-06-2016

Pianoteq Touch Panel is a Ctrlr panel to control Pianoteq virtual piano. It’s optimized for a touchscreen, but can be used with a regular mouse. Features: Zoomable,

Kurzweil PC3 Envelope Controller by Puppeteer - 10-01-2015

  This panel allows for direct control of the PC3 (and later synths) envelope parameters using the same type of messages used by the official PC3 Editor.  Support for the standard panel controls for most Kurzweil synthesizers from the K2000 is

Yamaha SY-TG77 editor by meastempo - 09-13-2015

    The editor is for voice editing only, no sequenser, drum or multi modes is supported. • Configure midi IN and OUT to the synth from CTRLR menu to get the editor working. • When a voice/patch is selected for editing

Novation Supernova 2 rack by bloodykot - 08-24-2015

This is my own Supernova 2 editor. It's cover Osc, Filter, FX & Arp sections editing. Red buttons initiate subsections. There is no performance editing. I'm going to add some more features like editing vocoder section and manage

Ensoniq ESQ1 One-Way Editor by jasefos - 07-14-2015

Ensoniq ESQ1 One-Way Editor Beta Version 1.1 [c] JaseFOS 2015   This release is intended as a 'One-Way' editor for the Ensoniq ESQ1. Although this Panel can't grab patches from the synth memories, what it does let you do is very

Roland D50 editor by meastempo - 07-06-2015

  Voice editor for the Roland D50.   Editor holds 7 layers and have dedicated buttons to switch between each layer. parameters are color coded just like the Roland PG1000.   Common Layer Upper/Lower is

MKS-70/JX-10 with OS4.x upgrade by Possemo - 06-04-2015

This is a panel for the SuperJX-OS4.x upgraded Roland MKS-70/JX-10. Please note: This will NOT work at all with standard Roland firmware equipped machines. It is not compatible with SuperJX OS v3.x too. So make sure you are using SuperJX OS v4.x

ensoniq SQ80 editor by meastempo - 05-09-2015

        Hi   • CTRL Panel for ensoniq SQ80, (maybe compatible with ESQ1 and ESQm, but not tested). • Voice editing, all parameters except Split/Layer. • Bank page with dedicated buttons for internal voices only (no cartridge

Goom editor by Synthy - 02-25-2015

Goom is a few component very low cost diy synthesizer. It is 16 voice polyphonic and multitimbral. You can find it at The panel can directly control

Korg 707 Panel by m.tarenskeen - 01-04-2015

    Korg 707 Editor Panel (version 20150115) features: edit Single Voice parameters get Single Voice SysEx dump from MIDI put Single Voice SysEx

Korg DS-8 Panel by m.tarenskeen - 01-04-2015

    Editor panel for Korg DS-8 (version 20150223b) features: editing of single voice parameters get sysex dump of current voice put sysex dump of

Mopho Desktop Panel by zeoka - 12-22-2014

A GUI for the Mopho Desktop Ctrlr minimum version : 5.3.82 -update15/06/15:Possible to get any program (memory) from device : push "prg" -update02/06/15: EDIT: it

Jomox Airbase 99 Panel by mrdxp - 10-06-2014

Hi Everybody,   This whole CTRLR community is great! I'm new to CTRLR and found it via a google search for a Jomox Airbase 99 editor. I followed a link to the Airbase 99 panel download but it has since been removed. Does anybody on here

Novation Supernova by rcbuse - 07-05-2014

  Allows editing of all the part parameters for the original novation super nova.  All knob/button/menu based variables are exposed for the 4.1 OS. Does not yet include arpeggio or performance parameters. [ddownload id="25674"

MIDIbox SID V2 by TK. - 06-10-2014

A panel for the MIDIbox SID V2 from

MIDIbox FM V1 by TK. - 06-10-2014

A panel for the MIDIbox FM V1 from

Vintage Revolution PedalPro MIDI (v0.1) by obiwanjacobi - 05-11-2014

This is a Panel for the Vintage Revolution PedalPro MIDI edition - a analogue guitar effects processor. All the implemented MIDI controllers are now available on one screen.   Note that this will only work on your PedalPro if you have

Roland MKS-80 Editor (MPG-80 Emulation) mk1 by jasefos - 02-26-2014

After many years of having this famed module kicking around in my studio rack without a good editor for it on MacOSX which has plug-in integration and support for 32bit and 64bit VST/AU hosts, I stumbled across CTRLR which has revolutionized the way

KORG DW-6000 Panel w. CC mapping by macrodx - 02-09-2014

This is a panel for the KORG DW-6000 synthesizer. All parameters exposed by its System Exclusive specification are editable. In addition, I´ve added processing of incoming MIDI CC messages. The mapping is fixed and you can find a mapping list

Jay-V (Roland JV/XP family panel) by King PP - 01-25-2014

Jay-V a HUGE panel for the Roland JV / XP family of synths which has pages for each of the four ‘tones’, an effects/common page & an ‘all tones’ page which edits the parameters of all four tones simultaneously. The panel parameters & patch

JX8Programer BUG - Saving Patch to Disk. Any Idea? by makasi - 12-18-2013

Hi there. I have this BUG.   I want to store the SYSEX file in my computer and store it for later use.. SO I use the Write Patch location --------------- .   THen I try to save and I get that error. After that I am unable to

Kiwi-3P Editor by lfo2vco - 12-10-2013

A panel for Roland JX-3P Synthesizers that have been retro fitted with the Kiwitechics 3P Upgrade (version 2.5 firmware). This panel uses predominantly Sysex commands to control the synthesizer parameters. The current patch name and location

AKAI MINIAK/ Alesis Micron by nanasi - 11-11-2013

Editor for AKAI MINIAK and Alesis Micron. Alesis Micron requires firmware 1.10. Limitation: Unfortunately, the editor can not add Mod matrix. If you want to add Mod matrix, you need manually add each Mod matrix on synth itself before

EMU Procussion by clancy - 10-23-2013

Device ID must be 00. The download contains also 2 midi files that can be replayed to get the

Korg DW800 by artofnois - 10-20-2013

Basado en uno que encontré en este foro pero adaptado a mis necesidades y con posibilidad de cargar ficheros de todos los

Cheetah MS6 + MAD Rom panel by artofnois - 10-20-2013

Verison inicial del MS6 que contenga la rom de MAD. Esta cofigurado para utilizar el modo Performace en el canal 8 y las 6 voces en los canales 1 a

Roland VM-3100 Mixer Map by JpKlitz - 09-02-2013

This Is Ctrlr mixer map for the Roland VM-3100/Pro.

Roland - JX8P by atom - 08-07-2013

An editor for the Roland JX8P. Uses SysEx messages. Size: Downloads:

Mougue - Voyeur by atom - 08-07-2013

A panel for the device Voyager by company Moog. Uses high-res parameters for control. Size: Downloads:

MFB - SynthLite 2 by atom - 08-06-2013

A simple editor for the Synth Lite 2 synth by the german synth company MFB. It uses CC pairs a special format of MIDI messages, they're used to gain more resolution. Size:

Mougue - Big Skinny by atom - 08-06-2013

It's a panel for a device "Little Phatty" by company Moog. It uses CCs. Size: Downloads:

Roland - Juno-106 by atom - 07-21-2013

A simple panel for Roland Juno 106. It does not handle program dumps but editing should work in both directions. Uses SysEx. Size: Downloads:

Emagic AMT8 standalone patch editor by Hecticcc - 06-20-2013

This panel was made to edit the 32 standalone patches of the Emagic AMT8 midi-interface. These patches are stored

Korg DW-8000 by Llamatron - 06-07-2013

This is a panel for the Korg DW-8000. It should also work with the rack version EX-8000 but I couldn't test it. If the synth's midi output is connected to the panel's input, the panel can receive sysex program dump data, and update its values

Six-Trak Editor by Muve - 06-05-2013

Editor for Sequential Circuits Six-Trak. It uses MIDI CC control for all available parameters including mod wheel.   Built using CTRLR Revision 1400. Key things needed to do on the Six-Trak before use: - To enable changing

DEMO - Panels by atom - 06-03-2013

This is a placeholder for all the DEMO panels included in the Ctrlr installation. Those panels showcase some of the features in Ctrlr. Since we often reference them in the forums i thought i'd put them here with a link to the always current version

Yamaha TX7 (beta) by SWB - 05-09-2013

IMPORTANT! On January 21, 2016 I have published a new version of this panel (and also another one compatible with a DX7), so you better download that one! I will keep the Yamaha TX7 (beta) panel available for a while, until the new version

Waldorf Microwave II / XT / XTk editor - monstrumWave 2.9 by msepsis - 05-02-2013

This is a limited demo version of monstrumMedia's Waldorf Microwave II/XT/XTK editor. There's on-screen control for literally every single editable parameter on the synth, including a wavetable and waveform editor. Also unique to this editor is an

RackAttack panel 1.4 by zeoka - 04-10-2013

An editor for the Waldorf RackAttack percussion synthesizer : This is a panel with "all-in-one" view for this drum module All sound  , global and program parameters are integrated  but not pattern parameters. This panel can : -receive

GEM Real Expander by SWB - 03-29-2013

This is a panel for the GEM Real Piano Expander, a physically modeled digital half rack piano module. General Music made the Real Expander from 1990s to 2000. They applied three physical modeling technologies: 1) natural string resonance, 2)

JX8Programmer V2.2 by DMM - 03-26-2013

Midi Editor for the Roland JX-8P synth.   Tested on Ctrlr Nightly version 1326   Functions: Editor will update after Tone Select (on synth) Save Patch to Synth (Internal & Cartridge memory locations) Load &

Mouse cursor fix by atom - 03-17-2013

This is a simple Lua method for panels that have a broken mouse cursor for some or all components. The mouse cursor disappears when mouse is over it. Just paste this method to the console and run it (that means, paste this code, press enter, this

Korg Prophecy v0.1 by jms - 03-12-2013

Graphic interface for controlling the Korg Prophecy. This panel isn't finished, but all controls are working. To do: . add sysex dumps to & from the unit . add bank for storing user patches . graphical tweaks (eventual new

Studio Electronics Omega 8 by dnbpsy - 03-04-2013

Everything is working fine! The only thing is that I didn't have the full list of the CC's of Omega, so I was unable to make modulators for the inner functions of the synth and for the "glide" effect. How to use the panel in Ableton 8.3: 1. Start

Access Virus TI by dasfaker - 02-21-2013

Midi Editor for Access Virus TI OS 5.0.8 A version of Access Virus Control for those who want a midi-only standalone or vst editor. No more sync problems, pops and clicks. It works in Single and Sequencer

Yamaha TX81Z by atom - 02-19-2013

This is the Yamaha TX81Z panel, with graphics by Lime. It can edit all parameters available in TX81Z (except Reverb Amount, can't find what sysex it uses in the MIDI specs). This is a bugfix release that should work with the latest Ctrlr

Moog Minitaur by Stoner - 02-09-2013

This panel has been designed to work with the Minitaur which is a compact and powerful analogue bass synthesizer created, produced and sold by Moog Music Inc. This panel will allow the user to have access to this powerful synthesizer as a VST/AU

DEMO - Rendering by atom - 02-08-2013

Rendering demo for Ctrlr. How to draw stuff yourself and how to deal with all that LUA stuff. This demo shows most cool capabilities that gives you LUA in Ctrlr. It's a copy of the JuceDemo program you can find on the JUCE website. It's

DSI Mopho by atomix1040 - 02-06-2013

This is the version 1.13 for MOPHO It just means it's the old panel saved in the latest nightly of Ctrlr. Still no program dumps but i never got around to doing this. Maybe if you keep pushing i'll do it (it's really simple now). [ddownload